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Any good korean dramas to watch?

Any good dramas to watch from like 2009- 2010??

Heres what i have seen already:

coffee prince

my girl


goong s

boys over flowers

your beautiful

My favorite has to be your beautiful and BOF.I like dramas like these ones about romance and are funny. You can recommend japanese dramas too. thanks!!

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  • (;
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    10 years ago
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    and OH MY GOODNESS, i LOVE You're Beautiful!

    haha~ :]

    i'd reccomend My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox / My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

    it is soooooooooooooo good.


    AND, it has Lee Seung Gi!

    i don't know about you, but i looove him ;D

    i love the plot, it's pretty unique.

    to me it is... haha.

    Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss

    ahh, this is cuuute :]

    it has Kim Hyun Joong from Boys Over Flowers in it if you like him!

    Oh! My Lady

    it has Siwon from Super Junior in ittt :DDD

    i thought it was pretty okay, i haven't been able to finish it :[

    Fugitive: Plan B

    i have yet to watch it, but everyone i know say it's reeeally good!

    so it's worth a try~

    Shining Inheritance

    haven't been able to finish this either T_T

    but it's pretty good so far! ^^

    The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

    this is also on my list,

    mainly because it has Kim Bum in ittt <3

    he's also from Boys over Flowers :]

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  • learn
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    4 years ago

    Good Dramas To Watch

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  • 10 years ago

    I loved those dramas too!

    Here's some that I also watched and liked:

    Coffee House:

    Unexpected, fresh story about a difficult writer, his inexperienced secretary, and his best friend/nemesis-publisher

    Sungkyunkwan Scandal:

    a mix of BOF and You're Beautiful in historical times

    Smile You:

    it may be long at 50 episodes, but it's light, loving, and the romantic couple is AMAZING,_You/

    Prosecutor Princess:

    a mix of legally blonde but with mystery and a more winning cast. one of my fave dramas of the year

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho:

    from the writers of You're Beautiful. It's coming soon on DramaFever - but it's only in a few days

    Personal Taste:

    Stars Lee Min Ho

    Playful Kiss:

    directed by same person who did Goong - there are the teddy bears!

    There are more on, which streams High Quality videos with English subs LEGALLY to US/Canada.

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  • 10 years ago


    Fugitive Plan B

    Sassy Girl Chun Hyang

    My Lovely Sam Soon

    Endless Love

    Spring Waltz

    Full House


    Hana Yori Dango

    Hana Kimi

    Nobuta wo produce

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  • 10 years ago

    If you liked those dramas then these are a must watch!


    >>>>>Personal Taste:

    Jeon Jin Ho is a straight guy who pretends to be gay to become a roommate to his female friend. His hobbies include organization and ironing, and he's known for his stoic poker face. He's a stickler for cleanliness, but he also has a talent for figuring out women's feelings.

    ~If you are a fan of Lee Min Ho (from boys over flowers) then I guarantee you'll like this one. More on the comedy at first, romance later on.

    >>>>>Playful Kiss:

    Playful Kiss is about a popular and genius male student named Baek Sueng-jo who has a stand-offish personality and Oh Hani who is a female student who makes up for being not-so-genius by always being smiling and happy. An earthquake destroys the girl's home and she and her dad end up living with the boy's family. The girl has kept this boy in her heart but she has never received any assurances of her love being reciprocated. Fun and groans ensue as they interact and rub off on each other. How will this drama end?


    >>>>>Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge:

    Takano Kyohei is a handsome but bad-tempered university student who is always ready for a fight; Toyama Yukinojo possesses a cuteness that can be mistaken for a girl; the cool-headed Oda Takenaga excels in academics and sports; and the princely Mori Ranmaru loves females, accept a proposal from the female owner of the house where they are lodging at. free lodging if they are able to transform her niece into a proper lady. Her niece, Nakahara Sunako lives in a gloomy and solitary world because of an inferior complex about her looks

    Hope this helps!


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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You should watch Playful Kiss

    It has Kim Hyun Joong from BOF too ^^

    It's really an awesome drama! I is my favorite one <33

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  • Kyoko
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    Dwaejitokki! <3

    Well, Korean dramas are LIFE! :D

    My recommendations :

    For 2010 -

    My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox / Nae Yeojachinguneun Gumiho

    Genres : Comedy, drama, romance, supernatural

    Since you liked You're Beautiful, you'd probably enjoy this too. Everything is so sweet and lol-worthy. I highly recommend this.

    Bad Guy / Nappeun Namja

    Genre : Drama, mystery, romance, revenge

    It's pretty fascinating. A blend of hatred and romance. Full of excitement and mystery.

    Baker King / Jeppangwang Kimtakgu

    Genres : Drama, food, romance

    Bread, love and dreams. Never a dull moment.

    God of Study / Gongbueui Sin

    Genres : Comedy, school, romance

    Laugh while you're learning. Totally funny and enjoyable.

    Oh! My Lady

    Genres : Comedy, romance

    Warming and touching. Humourously awesome.

    For 2009 -

    Queen Seondeok / Seondeok Yeowang

    Genres : Drama, history, romance

    The boom of 2009. Totally loved this. Big time. Proof :

    2009 MBC Drama Awards: Grand Prize (Ko Hyun Jung)

    2009 MBC Drama Awards: Female Top Excellence Award (Lee Yo Won)

    2009 MBC Drama Awards: Male Top Excellence Award (Uhm Tae Woong)

    2009 MBC Drama Awards: Male Excellence Award (Kim Nam Gil)

    2009 MBC Drama Awards: Male Newcomer Award (Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Seung Hyo)

    2009 MBC Drama Awards: Drama of the Year Award

    2009 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Kim Nam Gil & Lee Yo Won)

    2009 MBC Drama Awards: PD Award (Shin Goo)

    2009 MBC Drama Awards: Special Child Actor Award (Nam Ji Hyun)

    2009 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award (Ahn Kil Kang, Seo Young Hee)

    2009 MBC Drama Awards: Writer of the Year Award (Kim Young Hyun & Park Sang Yun)


    Genre : Comedy

    Another masterpiece by Lee Jun Ki, laugh your way to the moon.

    Heading to The Ground / Maentange Heding

    Genres : Comedy, family, friendship, romance, sports

    U-Know was funny, the drama was funny. I had fun watching this.

    For 2008 -


    Genres : Action, drama, family, history, romance.

    One of the most cleverest dramas I've ever seen. Twenty thumbs up plus toes.

    For 2007 -

    Time Between Dog and Wolf / Gaewa Neukdaeui Sigan

    Genres : Action, crime, romance

    An awesome action packed drama. So exciting I could barely catch my breath.

    Upcomings & Currently-Airings -

    Flames of Desire / Yokmangui Bulkkot

    Genres : Drama, family, romance

    Still airing. I find it quite interesting, you can give it a try.

    Objective / Daemul

    Genres : Drama, romance.

    Tried a few episodes, seems pretty good so far.

    Mary Skipped The Curfew / Maerineun oebakjung

    Genres : Comedy, romance

    Anticipating for this. Has Jang Geun Seok in it.

    All My Love / Mongttang Naesarang

    Genres : Sitcom, family


    Jungle Fish 2

    Genres : Friendship, school, youth

    It's worth trying it.

    Other recommendations :

    Source(s): I had to remove some of the links. Hope you could add the http:// yourself. (:
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  • 10 years ago

    Staircase to Heaven

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    you should totally watch IRIS. Its amazing! it has T.O.P from Big Bang in it. I also like:

    Take Care of the Young Lady

    Cinderella's Sister

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    sungkyunkwan scandal

    baker king kim takgu

    god of study

    fugitive plan B

    my girlfriend is a gumiho

    besttt :D baker king and god of study are kinda sad stories. but i'm sure u'll enjoy it!

    wee~ i'd watch them over and over~~~

    Source(s): meee >.<
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