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I do not understand this POV, can someone explain to me why people in the dog section..?

think it's acceptable to beat a dog over resource guarding? I read all the time about "oh if MY dog did that I would have smacked the piss out of him"

Why? How the hell does smacking the dog when he's guarding something teach him not to guard anything? If anything it makes the dog hand shy and gives it MORE reason to snap at you for getting close.

I've had many resource guarders, physically taking the dog on only made the problems worse. NILF helped, hand feeding help, control every damn move the dog made helped.


If you had to stay long term at a hotel and they gave you an upstairs room, you wanted to take the elevator but every time you got near it your dog would panic, how would you go about making the elevator a good thing?

And no stairs. They took them out because no one used them. My hotel, my rules. =D


can't fix stupid, not even with duct tape!

I've had too much sugar/caffiene. both of which I'm not supposed to have LOL~ =D oooo I hope everyone in the DS had a good halloween? I'm stuck at work folding laundry. boo.

Update 2:

Executed how? Chair? Firing squad? lethal injection? ripped apart by feral mongrels? More details man!

Update 3:

But why use force when it's just not needed? This is actually two rants, yesterday some asshat blasted his sheltie in the face for barking at the elevator. *I* flinched and I was 6 feet away.

Update 4:

yeah then you got a different mastiff, smack it for guarding and instead of "respecting you" the 125lb+ dog rips you a new one.

Not every dog is just going to take being smacked around.

Greek, I have faith that you'd actually use your methods appropriately...

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    If you train a dog it will learn that bad behaviour causes a negative effect it would rather avoid, if you hit a dog it will learn to be hand shy, & not that its behaviour was unacceptable. Some people are not suited to dog ownership & hit a dog because they cannot figure out a better method.

    No resource belongs to my dogs, so there are not allowed to guard anything of mine from me.

    If one of my Dobes growled when I wanted to remove a bone that had been gnawed to a small lump that could cause an obstruction is swallowed or I simply walked by, I would command it to "give" in a firm, this is not optional tone of voice.

    If that failed I would call the dog with a higher value resource in my hand, it would leave whatever it was guarding & I would remove it, then command the dog to sit, & give it the higher value resource. I would not set myself up to possibly fail by attempting to force the dog to surrender the resource.

    The next time it had food or a bone, it would be wearing a prong collar & lead, so the circumstances would be set for an immediate correction if the dog attempted to guard the resource I had allowed it to have.

    Thus far my Dobes have always dropped the resource as it if was a hot coal, though it may have dearly loved to keep it!

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    As far as I'm concerned, hitting a dog isn't really useful for much of anything, but I am not afraid to use physical corrections.

    I just spent a week in a hotel and used the elevator lots - I loaded up with treats before we got on, kept leads tight so I could stop "panic behavior" immediately if it happened, and I marched right into the elevator with no hesitation whatsoever. Worked great for me.

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    Professionally, I have to understand that some people are limited to how they've "always done things or always been taught." If they've never tried purely positive reinforcement with reward, ingraining a conditioned response other than fear in their dog, they don't realize that the results they see with abuse could be attained more consistently, reliably, safely, and humanely with other methods. With a hand signal, or just positioning your body in a way that says I'm about to ask you to do something (not demand), we can get dogs to salivate and just die to comply, because they've been conditioned with food or praise or both as soon as they see that movement, hear that voice or click. People don't adapt as easily or as well as dogs. Some can't change, limiting themselves.

    Professionally, I've never harmed a dog intentionally, although often their terror or fear rises no matter what method is used when their mind is already in that stage before they walk in the door. Personally, during an emergency to remove a toxicity, or prevent an injury, I've physically unnerved or scared a dog. Seconds of such action takes many weeks to reverse. Fear is deeply rooted, and unpredictable.

    For the elevator, I'd deny the dog a meal to increase appetite, and establish conditioning with treat-based reward prior to approaching the elevator. Treat at the hotel door. Treat in the hall or walkway. Go back to the room. Work in short bursts, no longer than 10 minutes. Next make it to the end of the hall and treat. Then, to the elevator without using it and treat. Then, in and out of the immobile elevator. Then, close the doors, remaining in the elevator, treating on the floor of the elevator repeatedly, building positive association for longer intervals, first seconds, then up to 2 minutes.

    This takes time. There is no quick way for him not to panic. Sometimes, a bandana over the eyes helps decrease panic, but I only use this for dogs I know won't resort to biting in fear. To ensure they don't get away, I'd have a 4 foot leather, double ply nylon, or mountain rope leash, shortened to 12-24 inches for taller dogs closer at hand, with a martingale collar or head halter fitted appropriately. The worst is when fearful or aggressive dogs get away from owners due to ill-fitting collars, flexi-leads, and slippery hands. For a longer panic induced event, I'd try light sedatives, such as acepromazine or diazepam prescribed by a vet.

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    I know it drives me crazy when I see a dog that's afraid of their owners. Hitting a dog is NOT okay under any circumstances. My dogs know the word "no" and that is enough for them. When owners hit a dog are they trying to get respect? Because a dog being afraid is not respect it's plain, old fear.


    This reminds me of my sister's little girl. She is deathly afraid of the elevator in my sister's apartment complex. Anyways, treats are my dogs best friend :) I would take them in the elevator tell them to sit. I would comfort them the whole time and when it's done give them a treat. (This would be my way for MY dogs. I know every body's training methods are different).

    Happy Halloween!

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    It depends on the dog, what they are guarding, and how they are possessive. If a dog that has never offered to bite when he has food decides to be aggressive over his food one day, I am going to swat him across the nose for it. If i had an 8 week old puppy that was food aggressive, i would work with them by hand feeding and taking food away and praising for good behavior. The difference between the two things? Well, my dad has a 125 lb mastif, and if she was food aggressive and bit when you tried to take food away, how is me hand feeding her going to be safe for me? The dog weighs more then i do. She wouldn't respect me tenatively trying to teach her to be nice over her food, but that swat across the nose will make her remember that she is being bad. It reminds her that i am the alpha, not her, and if i want her food, i can take it. A food or item, or even space aggressive dog is dangerous. Being scared and being possessively aggressive are 2 different things as well. So the elevator thing really can't be used for an example, because it isn't the same thing. One is a scared dog, the other is bad and dangerous behavior.

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    I have always used physical corrections on my dogs when needed and I have been bitten once - because I was stupid and stepped into a dog fight. After you try everything else,a swat on the butt or a bop on the nose will teach the dog that you CAN inflict pain, and you will if the dog does not straighten up. None of my dogs has been hand-shy and none of them has ever bitten anyone nor been food aggressive because I nip it in the bud when the dog is young. I could take a steak out of my dogs' mouths and they would let me. Would you rather see the dog get a few good whacks or see it put down for attacking someone? I'm not saying to BEAT the dog,but swats,whacks and bops,along with scruffing and rolling are sometimes the only things that work with very stubborn or dominant dogs. Of course,if you can't "read" the dog and don't know if it will bite if physically corrected,then don't do it.

    Source(s): Dogs for 50 years,since the day I was born,and I have had some stubborn ones.
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    There are a few ways to look at this, but, I am old school and I firmly believe that if you are going to be MY property, living in MY house, eating MY food that I bought you with MY money, you will need to back off when I tell you to, simple really.

    As far as the dog panicking when approaching the elevator, he would only be my dog the first time it happened because he would be returned to the breeder for an exchange of a dog that has no environmental issues. Hope I helped.

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    I know my dogs best. When baby Newman growled at my hand while he was eating, I kneed him into the nearby wall. He has never repeated the action to this day and is not hand shy. While my dogs are sensitive and emotional, with a behavior that could endanger him or even me, a firm, strong discipline was needed. On a softer dog, maybe smacking would be too much, but for some dogs it's fine. If he was eating antifreeze, after all, I can't allow him to growl at me if I try to take it away.

    LG: For my dogs personally? Muffins. Perkins muffins. They'll do anything for them. Yeah, they're unhealthy, but if it gets the dogs into the elevator to where they can see it's not going to kill them, what's one muffin going to hurt a 150 lb dog?

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    People are stupid.

  • Anonymous
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    People that smack dogs should be executed.

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