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In Ecuador is there a difference between "te amo" and "te quiero mucho"?

Also, what is the difference between "besos" and "besitos"??

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    Te amo is that you are completely in love. It's like I adore you, I love you more than anything in the world.

    Te quiero mucho is I love you a lot. It's less than Te Amo.

    It's complicating to explain the two, but Te quiero mucho is used more frequently.

    Besos and besitos are basically the same thing. One is more cutesy type while to other means kisses. Besos can be like a affectionate kiss, while besitos are like little kisses to either say bye " Chao muchos besitos" or like you say to a little child "Dame un besito"- give me a kiss.

    I am not from Ecuador, but I am a spanish native :)

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    Te quiero literally translate into I want you but from what I've heard it is used among family & friends and also maybe pets but Te Amo is I love you but is used for boyfriends,girlfriends,husband and wife but the both basically mean the same thing but on a different level. I tell my friend Te quiero all the time.

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    "Te amo" is when you tell it to your loved one. here "amor" is what you feel.

    'Te quiero" can be used with your loved one as well as with friends, family, etc. Here "cariño" is what you feel. Varies with countries.

    "besitos" is small "besos", more dearly said.

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