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What is the value of a general mills fun group inc 1978 star wars blaster?

I have one which I peeled the two star wars stickers off of (I didn't know it was from 1978 at the time), and the batteries don't work if you put them in anyway I found it at a flee market and I want to know the value of said item, I payed like five bucks for it.

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    I grew up on classic Star Wars toys! Firstly, General Mills is a maker of, among other things, breakfast cereal. I'm guessing that this was a toy that one would collect some box tops or proofs of purchases to send off for the toy (usually plus a nominal fee for S&H). Unfortunately, this type of toy rarely came with a proper merchandising box, which is where most of the toys from this era gain their value. Add to that the fact that it is non-functioning, and apparantly now missing stickers... I would put the value of this gun at somewhere around 20-40 dollars. And this is the average amount you could reasonably expect to get for this item on eBay. A "collector value", which is unreasonably higher in this economy, would be closer to $100.

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