Where can I find info for PA on the laws involved with making whiskey?

Or if someone has knowledge of this subject could you answer?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You can contact

    Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    Northwest Office Building

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17124-0001

    Phone: 717/783-9454

    Fax: 717/787-8820


    "The information below was taken verbatum from the official BATF web site.

    Distillation of Alcohol and Stills

    Under Federal rules administered by ATF, the legality depends on how you use a still. You may not produce alcohol unless you qualify as a distilled spirits plant (see ATF FAQ's page at their web site.) However, owning a small still and using it for other purposes is allowed. You should also check with your State and local authorities - their rules may differ.

    A still is defined as apparatus capable of being used to separate ethyl alcohol from a mixture that contains alcohol. Small stills (with a cubic distilling capacity of a gallon or less) that are used for laboratory purposes or for distilling water or other non-alcoholic materials are exempt from our rules. If you buy a small still and use it to distill water or extract essential oils by steam or water extraction methods, you are not subject to ATF requirements. If you produce essential oils by a solvent method and you get alcohol as a by-product of your process, ATF considers that distilling. Even though you are using and recovering purchased alcohol, you are separating the alcohol from a mixture -distilling.

    Under regulations in part 170 of title 27, Code of Federal Regulations, ATF has the right to require manufacturers of stills to give them the name and address of each customer. If they choose to impose this requirement, they inform the manufacturer of the stills by letter."

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