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What CC in yahoo mail means?

That cc means

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    CC is c̲arbon c̲opy and is basically the same as TO. The only difference is the "status" of the message. CC indicates that you are getting a copy but are not the primary addressee. For example use TO for a company and CC for the Better Business Bureau when sending a complaint to a company.

    BCC is b̲lind c̲arbon c̲opy and is hidden. It is used to send out a mailing without everyone knowing the other addresses.

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  • Cc: — Carbon Copy

    "Cc" is short for "carbon copy". Those naming and designing this email feature probably had the real world counterpart to email in mind: letters. Carbon copy paper made it possible to send the same letter to two (or even more if you hit the keys really hard) different people without the onerous task of having to write or type it twice.

    The analogy works well. An email is sent to the person in the To: field, of course.

    A verbatim copy of the message is also sent to all the addresses listed in the Cc: field, though. Yes, there can be more than one email address in this field, and they all get a copy. To enter more than one address in the Cc: field, separate them with commas.

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    carbon copy

    explanation; About 20 -30 years ago people used to use type writers, with a type writer you could type two copies of the same document at one time using carbon paper.

    It was a thin piece of wax paper with a very very thin layer of ink on it.

    So when you 'CC' someone, you're sending them an identical copy of the email

    Source(s): I'm really rather old
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