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Do fans of Hannity, Beck and/or Limbaugh realize....?

That NONE of them have college degrees? And none have military service?

So what the hell do they have to talk on? They have no true credentials.

Please don't turn this into an anti-Obama thing...talking about his credentials. I know it's coming.

Btw, if you don't believe me, just look it up. It is plain fact that these guys have zero college degrees or military service.


Only people who have never attended college would say that being educated means nothing.

I'm a college student, and I do not accept everything I am taught at face value. I do question things my profs say sometimes. BUT I know that I would be a much more ignorant and imperceptive person had I never attended college.

Update 2:

Strata, how many college students do you think live off the government? COME ON now.

Update 3:

Ruppster, what am I lying about? And what is YOUR point? Why are you bragging about going to college for two years, and how is that relevant to this question?

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    They are supplied with their "information" and lots of money by the Koch brothers, USCOC, AEI, the Heritage and Freedom Foundations, various fronts for the John Birch Society, the Insurance lobby, and various other of the most corrupt and dishonest influences in world history.

    And they don't do facts or logic.

    But what's appalling is, unlike Bill Gates, who was passing all his courses and left the university to pursue other things in other areas, these clowns don't have the equivalent of a semester at a junior college, with all their credits added up. They are failed disc jockeys and hate mongers.

    And military service is one thing for a proclaimed peacemaker or pacifist. But the term "chicken hawk" involves those who advocate more or less endless war, but are very, very careful to themselves avoid any risk of potential harm to themselves.

    Their use of fraud and half truth is legion. Most egregious is Beck's wild and ridiculous lie that Nazis are "left wing" and "progressive", which flies in the face of every word of valid scholarship and all the several hundred books written on the subject. Most of his adventures into the fantasy world of "The Constitution" involve weird interpretations, silly mistakes, ridiculous twists and more lies. He has never once quoted a case or precedent or opinion. I suspect he doesn't know how, or care. He surely doesn't understand that the doctrines of "interposition" and "nullification", long since discredited and debunked, were, in large part, the reason the Articles of Confederation were set aside and the Constitution adopted. He just ignores reality and goes with the delusion.

    Most of the right wing "lunatic fringe" has utter contempt for education, and for the first time in my long lifetime, I have heard them advocate an end to public education. They, in fact, contend the "three stooges" have "common sense"--which is manifestly untrue and, truthfully, a terrifying misjudgment.

    Truly frightening is the idea that these men have behind them owners--and they ARE owners!--with billions of dollars, willing to do anything, say anything, destroy anything, to make sure they pay NO TAXES. And they are getting away with it.

    The "three stooges" are nothing new. They are very like Father Coughlin, Joe McCarthy, Joe Pyne, and Mort Downey, Jr., except with no credentials, no portfolio, and no actual experience of anything.

    They are patriots much like Judas Iscariot, Vidkun Quisling, and Benedict Arnold. Well paid, they are perfectly willing to sell the entire country down the river to line their own pockets.

    That they've all had chemical and social "maladjustment" problems is likewise not particularly surprising.

    These are entities with no honor, no ethics, no integrity, and no concept of fairness or truth.

    And they should be regarded with contempt by anyone rational.

    However, as nearly as I can surmise from what I hear spewed on here, that doesn't much include their regular listeners.

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    Man, I guess this proves that I wasted several years getting multiple degrees in Business and IT. I wish I could just have the annual interest these guys make on their bank accounts.

    There is nothing wrong with getting an education, but it is not a be all, end all thing. I developed a solid foundation with the tools I developed in college, but I learned how things 'really' worked when I reentered the work force and began applying that knowledge. There are a whole lot of professors who couldn't make their theories work in the real world, just look at the eggheads who are running obamadinejhad's economic staff.

    By the way, you forgot to mention that Bill Gates also was a college dropout. Is he also considered as having 'no credentials'?

    I listen to those guys frequently, as well as Levine (who does have a law degree) and usually follow up on the information they share. I can't stress enough how much insight I have gained from those studies. The fact that the information I verify proves to be correct is all the 'credentials' I need, really.

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    Generalize much? Talk about painting with a wide brush and proving you know not of what you talk about. While I do watch Beck and Hannity (never been a fan of Rush, used to hear him on the radio 20 years ago when I was stationed in Sacramento as a couple of guys I worked with would play his radio show and I was stuck hearing it) I am a veteran (DV actually with a medical discharge after 9 years of service, coworker messed my right foot up) and have over 2 years of college. So your point with your lies would be?

    Added: Sorry, misread your "question". Thought you were saying the fans had no degrees or military service. My mistake. Now that I've pulled my head out of my backside all I can so is "so what"? I did not fight for this country as I felt you had to be prior service to be worthy of my respect. I might think libs are a bunch of idiots for spewing the hate they do but I do not fight to have them silenced. I joined the military out of respect for the freedoms we are given, not to restrict it to one type of person or another. Yet all I hear out of so many of the "tolerant left" is that "right wing" radio people like Beck or Hannity should be forced off the air. Freedom of speech goes both ways. If you don't like what they say then don't listen. You have the right to say what you want and I have the right to say I think you are full of bullsnit and disagree. How does the lack of military service or a degree make a person's view any less important? How many poor people don't have degrees? Does that make them unworthy of having their voice heard too? Your claims mean nothing.

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    What conservative talk show hosts have are listeners, talent, and money. Obama has no talent, very few listeners, and he is hording his money.

    I have a college degree. I did not need it to get a job. Nothing I learned in college was useful in my work. Bill Gates is a college drop out. He has so much money, he cannot give it away fast enough.

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    Their opinions are as good as any. Hannity has college education anyways. He was just a semester short of having one if I am not mistaken. Besides, if liberals believe uneducated people don't deserve a voice I will never be a liberal or take them seriously.

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    Education and wisdom are not the same thing. And if you care to bring up military service, keep in mind that our current President has not served, either.

    "Only people who have never attended college would say that being educated means nothing."

    I'm in college, and I say, while education is important, it certainly isn't everything. You can be an intelligent, successful human being without a degree. Just ask Bill Gates.

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    You are correct, but because they are White and Conservative, they are viewed as being more Patriotic than the President of the United States who actually protects this country from Terrorism.

    This really is a Tea Party World, because people are easily influenced by the Rhetoric on Fox News.

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    I know what you are saying and it's amazing. I am dumbfounded by it every time I hear one of these guys speak. It's a sad testament to what our country hs become. And you can bet the rest of the world is looking at us and shaking their head.

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    I was never a fan of any of them, except for comedy, but I figured they had all been to some sort of college. Good for them, getting all famous with no degree.

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    i like how all you people blame fox news you i Guess believe in ,amnesty the health care bill don't worry about the debt. the way obama is taking away your right to choose how you want to live

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