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how far does the U.S dollar get you in germany and sweden too.?

when i say how far does the dollar get you i mean what can buy things such as clothes, food, drinks, museums etc. I DONT MEAN AS IN CURRENCY i mean it as ex. a water thier is 2.20 or beer is 3 etc.?

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    I can help with Swedish prices (based on Stockholm), at current exchange rate. Hopefully someone else has German prices :)

    beer: $6-9 for a half liter in a pub

    water from a shop (free in restaurants): $2-3, less in grocery stores

    lunch menu: $9-13

    main course, dinner: $15-25 at many restaurants, nicer places are $40+

    Swedish pizza: $6-12

    3-day transportation card: $30

    1-month transport card: $105

    museums: $12-17 on average

    hockey game: $25-40

    club entry fee (usually just on weekends): $6-15

    The Stockholm Card covers transportation and entry costs for 80 museums. It costs $60 for one day, and $95 for 3 days. It's worth it if you plan on constant sightseeing in a short period of time, but not really otherwise.

    Clothes really depend on what you're looking for. Items at H&M average $25-45. Brand name jeans (even ones that aren't that expensive in the US, like Lee or Levi) can easily cost $125+.

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    Prices in Germany are lower than in Norway and Sweden, but higher than in the USA, but it does also differ in which part of the country you are.

    Aim at the Sweden prices and you will be OK in all of the country, and have a bit of money left for a very nice dinner on your last night in town.

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    You need to get Euros and Swedish crowns.

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