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When communities decide to have Halloween on Saturday instead of Sunday?

Who makes that decision and why does the entire community fall in line with it? Is this a sign that a church or "churches" are in control of the community?


Aeca, Thank you for demonstrating how judgmental people in this category are! For the record, I couldn't give a rats @ss who is tired on Sunday or who is hung over on Sunday.

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    Best Answer's about a year with no celebration of any holiday at all....think of all the paper saved from sales ads for Black Friday alone!!! no Christmas lights, fireworks in July, Valentines cards, Halloween decorations, or family over just for Thanksgiving Easter parade or New Year's Eve hangover...

    most people that call the shots don't really care for tradition, just how it works into the schedule...heck, think of all the double time pay saved by not having the cops work extra hours on Sunday for trick or treat if it's on Saturday

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    City and county officials make that decision- not any church. The church has nothing to do with it. Gov't officials should never try to regulate church business. People get the wrong idea every time.

    Not allowing Halloween to take place on Sunday is not a Christian effort, but a non-Christian one. Think about it. Some people try to give Christians a Sabbath day- Sunday. But this is a wrong move. The Jews have a Sabbath- Saturday, but Christians do not. Sunday is no more a holy day than Tuesday or Friday. With Christians- every day is holy.

    If you want to celebrate a pagan ritual, it matters not which day you do it. Halloween is very un- holy.

    What happens when public officials try to get involved in church activity it gets screwed up. For instance, when I was a child- every Friday I had to eat fish sticks for lunch in public school. Why?- because Catholics were not supposed to eat meat on Friday. Fish was acceptable. The problem was- i was not Catholic. In fact no one was. I never even saw a Catholic until I moved to another state in high school.

    If you are a Christian- you don't do Halloween. And you don't care what those who do Halloween have it.

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    Hi Sawbaby,

    I think it is done on Saturdays for the children so that they do not have a hard time in School on Monday mornings really. I was a substitute teacher for the handicapped children for about six years and they did a study and found that the children really had a high absentee rate on the Monday after Halloween and they also a lot came to school very sick from too much candy so a lot of place started doing it on Saturday night so the children could rest and get over the candy rush! It really did not have much to do with religion at all! it is for the children!

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    I am so confused. I was ready for Halloweeners last night... and no one came. Saturday was the town's designated night. The next town over had Tricks or Treats Friday night. Now, I am wondering if the kiddos are coming tonight. Got tons of treats!

    Back in the old days when I was a kid. We weren't allowed to go out on Sunday night... the hallowed day of rest. =)

    Makes me no never mind.... bring it on! I can't eat all this stuff by my self!

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    This isn't the "churches in control of the community". This is just respect and common sense.

    When the community decides to hold trick r' treat (not Halloween) on a Saturday they may do it out of respect for the local church.They understand the church might not agree with the holiday and do it out of respect.

    More than likely however,they probably put it on a saturday so the trick r' treaters wont have to go to bed early for school the next day.

    FYI.There are 3 churches in my town.One can not celebrate trick r' treat because it's up on a huge hill that no one can walk to.One just recently started handing out candy along with an invite to their church (INVITE not threat of hell pamphlet) The other church has been passing out candy for years and it's actually a tradition to go get hot chocolate from them every Halloween.

    A church controlling the community would be like a church having the town canceling trick r' treat entirely.

    And hey shouldn't you be glad they hold it on Saturdays? Kids will be to tired to go to church the next day.Making it difficult for them and the family to follow a belief you don't agree with.

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    Germans have Easter on Friday AND Monday...w00t for a 4 day weekend!

    It has nothing to do with Sunday services or church. It's more to do with common sense. When people don't have to work the next day, the likelihood they will attend the party or event is higher.

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    It's usually the city council (along with the Mayor) that decides that. And it's not "necessarily" because of churches. Many people didn't want it to be observed on Sunday this year, because they didn't want to have to get up and go to school or work the very next morning.

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    A lot depends on what is happening in that may be high school, college and/or pro football games that may cause a community/region to make adjustments (or anything where police are pulled away from monitoring neighborhoods). Here, there will always be a change if it competes with high school football.

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    Sawman..., we all know Saturday night's when all the ghosts, goblins, evil creatures, etc. come out to play; so it's only fitting that it's moved to Saturday night. Plus, in some cultures, namely the Hittite Culture, Halloween is evil. So, why have it on Sunday---the "GOOD" day. Just my thoughts...

    Source(s): Count Chocula and Frankenberry---BOO!!!
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    October thirty first is a Sunday this year. Trick-or-treating must be on a various night counting on the date/circumstances set by your city. examine your close by newspaper or touch the townhall.

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