Can someone please be honest with me, is there a chance of me going to UNC chapel hill with the GPA of 3.85?

i am a junior and my GPA is u think i can get into UNC

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  • Geomi
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    1 decade ago
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    I would say yes, second hand serende, there is a chance for you to be admitted to UNC-Chapel Hill. YOur GPA of 3.85 may be at the bottom of the range of the average admittee of 4.42, but you will have to have outstanding references preferably one from a UNC graduate. You will have to have been graduated from what you may call a tough academic high school, the courses that you took may have to included two foreign languages, and lots of science, math, and biology. You will have to have significant volunteering, work experience, be born in NC. Then, you will have your chance. Go ahead and apply because you will never really know until you do apply. Good luck

    Source(s): I was a college professor and a member of the admissions committees of four universities.
  • 1 decade ago

    Absolutely, yes. Your GPA is definitely good enough. Of course, they will look at other factors as well.

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