Are fraternal organisations banned in China?

Freemasons or K.Of C. or Rotary Club or Lions Club etc.

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    No. Not all of them are banned in China.

    Lions Clubs International was founded in the United States in 1917 by Melvin Jones. Lions Clubs International now has more than 1.4 million members in 193 different countries. The "Sight First China Action" project co-launched by Lions Clubs International and China in 1997 has so far helped 3.75 million cataract patients regain eyesight.

    The first Rotary Club was formed in the United States on February 23, 1905 by Paul P. Harris. Established in 1924, the Rotary Club of Beijing is a group of international professionals who come together to make friends and perform community service. Rotary Club of Beijing members, most of whom make Beijing their home for many years, are deeply linked to China and historically committed to the long term health and well being of the Chinese community. They volunteer and donate funds locally to assist those in need. Club members contribute to development of the Chinese economy in their day job and do hands on charitable service with their friends in their spare time.

    One of the eldest fraternal organizations in China, now referred to as "Chinese Freemasonry" (the early reference is Tiandihui, but it goes far back before that twist), has been outlawed by the CCP since the 1970s due to its connection with Dr. Sun Yat sen and the KMT. It still exists outside of Mainland China.

    How shameful it is that Cultural Insight continues to grossly criticize a country (the USA) that has generated such organizations (and even military forces) who have tried to help his people through benevolence, self-sacrifice, and active deeds of service for so very, very long. It's a lack of respect and gratefulness that is only found among the CCP faithful in China, thanks to the efforts of Chairman Mao.

    I come from a lineage of Freemasons that arrived in North America in the early-1600s, am a Past Master Councilor, and have worked with Rotary International, the Lion's Club, the Red Cross, Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation, and others in an effort to assist those in need. It's how I was brought up to be.

    Go think it over, CI, and maybe you'll begin to understand my name. I thank you for the acknowledgement of our efforts in your answer to this posted question.

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    Legitimate Maternal and Fraternal organizations are allowed in China such as triads and 50 cent party. Facebook and Youtube fans and organizations are banned in China.

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    Legitimate fraternal organizations are welcome in China. However, secretive political and religious organizations pose an obvious threat to public security, so they are not allowed.

    Here are weblinks to Rotary Clubs in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong:

    The Lions Club International has been active in China since 1926 and currently has over 200 local clubs there. Here is a link to the Lion Club locator for China.

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