a story of ???

me don't know I 寫咩呀!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!幚我作文Thx

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  • WInG
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    9 years ago
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    A story of me

    I was a knight in the medieval time. An religious and allegiant follower of Christian was I, my conscience persuaded me to participate the crusades. Being quite strong and audacious, yet I could alive after the brutal and bitter wars. In my retrospect, even though I was preparing for the fighting, I always minutely cherished my affable and benign wife, Soigna and I have vowed to forsake all my pleasure of flesh to prove my faith to her.

    When I arduously returned to my austere hut, situated on the knoll top, I was flabbergasted and poignant as me adorable beloved, Soigna was lying across the swing, made by me and her before the war. Cardinal was the blood once but turned into dark red after condensation. 'What 's going on' I thought. The God is bound to bless me and absolve all our sins after joing the war. Extremely sorrowful was I, my tears covered my face.


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