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I have fallen on hard times, can you help me make a decision?

So I lost my job, my brothers dieing, I am having a little trouble with dealing with the chinese mafia and united states customs at this space in time in my life. Two months ago I worked as a licensed practical nurse and things were sailing along fine but now I find myself in this terrible, terrible place. So how did I get here? I lost my job for the second time in my life in the span of 1 year...this horrible Nevada economy is aweful. A week later I found out my brother was dieing, he is going through hell. I thought I would sell things on ebay and found a chinese importer offering great deals...I had no idea they were counterfeit. So what should I do? I am done with Nevada and going to be with my family. I have enough money to buy a motorhome(very cheap one around the 1200 range) and pay my car payment for one month. Or I could sleep in my SUV and have enough for 3 months of car payment. But if things don't come together by then I will lose my car and be a street person. Should I just by the RV and at least have a place to live even if I lose my SUV? Why did I post in this section? I need someone to pray for me.


Gary: You know what??? I am a born again Christian, I am not perfect but I am trying. God has always listened to my prayers. Right now in my very hardest time he seems extremely silent...maybe it is a test...I don't know. I asked Him to heal my brother or release him from his brother is suffering terribly. I know people in the Bible went through hard times. Even John the Baptist was thrown in prison and then beheaded....I would really like to hear from God right now....even a faint wisper would be good.

Update 2:

How am I online. It is the 30th my rent is due by the 3rd.

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    Except The LORD build the house,

    they labour in vain that raise it.

    The priority is your dying brother.

    Who cares about your property, money, or dwelling place?

    You need a holy Healer who is not detered by lack of Faith appoaching Lazarus levels.

    Unfortunately, Kenneth E. Hagin is dead, Oral Roberts is dead, I don't trust Kenneth Copeland any more (preached at West Point, that he believes in war; depends on diet).

    Who knows what has become of T.L. Osborn?

    You should have cultivated the company of people who could help you. You have scorned This Way all your life, now see the result.

    Stop eating forthwith.

    Drink only water (2 litres daily).

    Get Kenneth Hagin's three BIG books on FAITH, PRAYER, and THE HOLY GHOST. (A Christian bookstore- make sure its FULL GOSPEL! -will know which ones they are.)

    If you are of normal weight, you can fast for forty days without harm. If you are underweight, deduct one day for each pound you are underweight, to know how long you can safely fast for.

    Ignore all the lies they tell you about fasting in medical school. There is a cover-up of highest proportions. I advise you NOT go on a Crusade to expose it (Matt. 15:14).

    You will enter into a state of heightened mental activity, and your mind will feel like it was in a straitjacket all these years.

    You will cease to be hungry by the fourth day, and all the carbohydrates are depleted from your body.

    There can be horrible nausea for the next seven days as toxic products associated with the fat of your body- which is now used as food supply- are now released, and would kill you in days, if you did not drink enough water to sweat and urinate them away.

    By the fourteenth day, your strength will have returned to normal. You should not think of food again, until it is time to end the dast. You don't have to go the full distance, but can break the fast at any time. (It is craven, hoever, to stop fasting just because you got what you wanted!)

    It is better to break the fast too slowly than too quickly. Take overdiluted citrus juice the first three days three times a day. Normal strength juice a couple of days, followed by vegetable soups and fresh fruit. Then soft vegetables. No meat for the same number of days you fasted.

    You would need special yoghurt to rebuild your bacterial flora.

    It is "suicidal" to break your fast with milk!

    You should be reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts- three times in thirty days- aloud. On your knees. You will need to meditate (murmur, mutter) on specific Scriptures you will learn of from Kenneth Hagin.

    Take care of God, and God will take care of you. Do not worry that you have no prior experience in these mnatters. That will work in your favour.

    Very Important: TELL NO ONE WHAT YOU ARE DOING. You do not let on what your troubles are.

    God will send someone to help if necessary without your telling them what is going on with you.

    Source(s): . ATOMIC POWER WITH GOD Thru Prayer and Fasting, by Franklin Hall. GROWING UP SPIRITUALLY, by Kenneth E. Hagin. WALKING IN THE REALM OF THE MIRACULOUS, by Kenneth Copeland.
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    I'm so sorry...this is a very tough situation.

    I don't think you should spend ANY money necessarily. Live in your SUV for a while. In the mean time, STOP BY in churches and explain your situation, some people may let you stay in their house or know of a place you could stay for a while till you are back on your feet. Or ask relatives, family friends, acquaintances, anyone who would trust you.

    Good luck. You CAN make it through this without becoming homeless, there are many options. Always remember there are free crisis hotlines:

    Here is what says-

    In Crisis? 1-800-273-TALK If you, a friend or a loved one is going through a tough time in your life and you need someone to talk to.

    Also how are you getting online??

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    Liquidate everything you can to make a small nest egg and come to KY they are begging for LPN's and in KY LPN's make a decent living (Up to $15.00/hr at some places.) You posted here because you knew if there is hope you would find it among the faithful. I already prayed for you last night when i prayed that God would help everyone that is struggling in this economy, of course if it is His will. So here's hope. Jobs, low cost of living, public transportation in the cities and in W. Ky average apt rent is $450 a month, lower if you take a smaller place. God Bless YOU. (He hears you.) There is also a very good Hospice at Lourdes Hospital for Brother. Many Blessings ;)

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    First, make a list of all your bills, assets and liabilities.

    Decide your priorities. If you have to take small jobs to help. GOD will not had you things on a silver platter, you must do some of this on your own. All you can ask for is guidance. We were in the same boat and we sold most of what we had and found a smaller town where we could live on less.

    Source(s): reality
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  • Gary B
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    You say nothing about YOUR religious convictions.

    here is the problem -- If YOU don't believe in God and accept His Word as Truth - what He says about Jesus Christ being able to save your soul and take care of you -- then He is not going to listen to US praying about YOU. Without YOUR acceptance if Him into your life, He is ignoring you, waiting for YOU to make that one MOST IMPORTANT decision.

    As for RVs and SUVs and stuff, those decision are up to you. Make them wisely, based on God's Guidance.

  • mhiaa
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    I will pray for you dear. But don't give up, better times are ahead for you. But yes, leave Nevada if possible. California or perhaps Arizona.

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    sea b, u said u need someone to pray for u. u got it. we are going to pray for u. that's a promise. I pray the holy spirit guides u to make correct decisions. but YOU should PRAY too.

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    9 years ago

    LOL your brothers dieing. Hopefully he's gone soon I hate it when they make you think they are dieing then they are fine the next day and they make you all fuked up for no reason. Pull his cord.

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    Hard times spreading just like the flu

    Watch out homeboy, don't let it catch you

    P-p-prices go up, don't let your pocket go down

    When you got short money you're stuck on the ground

    Turn around, get ready, keep your eye on the prize

    And be on point for the future shock

    Hard times

    Hard times are coming to your town

    So stay alert, don't let them get you down

    They tell you times are tough, you hear that times are hard

    But when you work for that ace you know you pulled the right card

    Hard times got our pockets all in chains

    I'll tell you what, homeboy, it don't have my brain

    All day I have to work at my peak

    Beacuse I need that dollar every day of the weak

    Hard times

    Hard times can take you on a natural trip

    So keep your balance, and don't you slip

    Hard times is nothing new on me

    I'm gonna use my strong mentality

    Like the cream of the crop, like the crop of the cream

    B-b-beating hard times, that is my theme

    Hard times in life, hard times in death

    I'm gonna keep on fighting to my very last breath

    Hard times

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