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are abec 5 good bearings?

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  • 10 years ago
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    ABEC is basically meaningless for skate bearings. It is a standard to measure vibrations in high speed machinery that spins at what would be 200 mph on skates.

    There is no measurement for friction or for quality. Some of the best skate bearings by Zero Drag, Twin Cam, and Bones intentionally violate some of the ABEC specs so that they can roll easier.

    ABEC became used as a skate bearing measurement because some early skates used a grade called "precision" which is really horrid. Any bearing that met even ABEC 1 was much better but marketing types really like to push anything that has a higher number.

    The brand of the bearing is much more important than the ABEC number. Within a brand, the better bearings usually have a higher ABEC number until you get to the top ones that actually do not meet the ABEC ratings.

    I get my bearings from RollerBob ( I use the "ZeroDrag Competitive" bearings. Unless you are seriously into racing, you won't see a significant difference to the higher ones.

    Source(s): 14+ years of skating
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  • 10 years ago

    Unless you are a professional boarder the ABEC 5 bearings are about the best that you can use.

    ABEC 3 Shielded Bearings,

    Common bearing on new "middle of the road" type inline rollerblade skates and skateboards. Great for roller hockey and skateboarders that need to replace bearings frequently due to the conditions of the skating or skateboarding surface.

    ABEC 5 Shielded Bearings,

    An upgrade from most new inline rollerblade skates and skatebaords. Great for the hockey, recreational skater and skateboarder that wants that frictionless feeling. Most common upgrade due to the fact that the price is not much more then the ABEC 3 bearing. ABEC 5 bearings cruise very nicely and have a nice frictionless feeling.

    ABEC 7 Shielded Bearings,

    An inline rollerblade, skateboard or luge racer's bearing. ABEC 7 bearings are used by the serious skater who wants the best. The manufacturing of this bearing is difficult and costly. The tolerances are very tight and they have virtually no friction under the load of your weight. They are truly a nice bearing to experience for any kind of skater, skateboarder or luge racer.

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