Who should be the villain in the next Batman movie 'The Dark Knight Rises' plus a bonus question?

Batman 3 has a title 'The Dark Knight Rises' director Christopher Nolan says that

despite the rumors 'The Riddler' won't be the villain in this movie. And he also told

us before that 'Mr. Freeze' won't be a villain. Christopher Nolan says that this will

be the final installment of the Batman series of movies and my question today is

who should be the villain in 'The Dark Knight Rises' I would pick Black Mask and

Cat Woman. Tell me your choice and why to receive the 10 points thank you and

have a Happy and Safe Halloween. Note Tom Hardy is rumored to play a villain in

the Dark Knight Rises and Christopher Nolan confirmed that he would be a villain

I just think Johnny Depp and Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a better villain. IMDB

needs to get it together cause Christopher Nolan already did confirm that Riddler

won't be in this film and they keep posting actors rumored to play that particular

role in the film people I've seen on the page Johnny Depp, Joseph Gordon-Levitt,

Tom Hardy, James Franco and there were two other fairly new actors.

My Choices would be the following Angelina Jolie Catwoman and Tom Hardy can

be Blackmask if they are going to add another villain I would go with this character.


-Batman Begins Villains (2005)

-Ra's Al Ghul - (Ken Watanabe)

-Carmine Falcone - (Tom Wilkinson)

-Dr. Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow - (Cillian Murphy)

-The Dark Knight Villains (2008)

-Salvatore Maroni - (Eric Roberts)

-Harvey Dent/Two Face - (Aaron Eckhart)

-Dr. Jonathan Crane - (Cillian Murphy Cameo)

-The Joker - (Heath Ledger) - Greatest Joker of all Time (R.I.P.)

-The Dark Knight Rises - Villains (2012)




BQ:) Who should be the villain in the Spider-Man 4 reboot movie with Garfield?

A.) The Green Goblin

B.) The Vulture

C.) The Lizard

D.) Carnage

E.) Felicia Hardy The Cat


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  • 9 years ago
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    Yap i agree dat johnny depp would be perfecct or even Joseph Gordon Levitt as the Riddler, but other villains, i would like to see is Catwoman...

    BQ: Yap its already confirmed dat it would be Lizard, the actor who will play him is Rhys Ifans, a welsh actor who also acted in harry potter and the deathly hallows as Xenophillius lovegood. The one villain i would like to see is Carnage, but looks like it won't happen.

  • Batman 3:

    Martin Short-The Had Hatter

    David Hyde Pierce-The Riddler

    Kane-Killer Croc

    Spider-Man 4:

    Brock Lesnar:The Rhino

    Michael Fairman-The Vulture

    Frank Vincent-Silvermane

  • lol i read that article to and thought it would be intresting if Johnny Depp played as the Riddler as rumored for years but that thrown out the window lol

    My Picks for The Dark Knight Rises Villians would be

    1.Black Mask


    3.Bane(not like they did it on Batman and Robin)

    I know not all 3 Couldn't be in it but 2 out 3 would be nice to see for once

    BQ: Id like to see Carnage be the villian but i doubt it the guy that does it hates those kinda chracters(Main reason why Venom had a short appearance in spiderman 3) I know the lizardman is highly possible along with that Vampire villian dude

  • 9 years ago

    For the bonus question, they confirmed it will be the Lizard.

    P.S. Felicia Hardy is the Black Cat.

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  • Andrew
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    9 years ago

    I had heard it will be Riddler. So I am not sure. I heard it won't be Mr. Freeze though which I wanted him to be in

    BQ: B

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