My youth group is doing a fundraiser and...?

I've been asked to lead worship and provide music for the dinner. The fundraiser is to help end Human Sex Trafficking, and I want to have at least a few songs that relate somehow to God freeing people but not just in the typical churchy sense of freedom. Like, Amazing Grace talks about freedom from sin, but not oppression and slavery. Are there any contemporary songs that could relate to freedom, or even helping people in a way most people don't? Like, a compassion theme?


to Evan: I would like respectful answers only. If you don't like my question or my beliefs, then don't answer the question. I wasn't asking for a disrespectful song to sing at a benefit for a VERY real problem plaguing the world, no matter what your beliefs are. Please mature a little bit and realize that you are not the center of the universe, and you don't need to put your two cents in on everything that you see. Just because nearly all of your answers are about how you THINK God doesn't exist, and bashing those who do, does not give you the right to be disrespectful, especially about a topic of such a sensitive nature. How would you feel if you saw someone being that disrespectful on this, and you or a family member had been a victim of Sex Trafficking before? Honestly, get a life. Please.

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