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Kayla asked in Social ScienceSociology · 10 years ago

Sociology Conflict theory and sex slaves?

I am trying to determine the best perspective out of the three sociology perspectives, symbolic interactionism, structural functionalism, and conflict theory, that best explains the existence of sex slaves. In my opinion I think it is conflict theory but need help supporting that and even guidance on whether I chose the right one. Your help is much appreciated.

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  • radish
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    10 years ago
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    1. Judge the choice of perspective in terms of

    a) the concepts they use

    b) the focus within any topic that they lead to

    c) the most useful forms of research questons these allow you to generate.

    2. in this case Conflct theory would be the most useful to use as it is the only one which :


    includes these concepts

    power, structural inequalities of class, gender and racism, , exploitation,

    2.2 and this focus of analysis:

    -the connections between the personal problems of individuals with the broader structural forms of inequality and the wider sets of cultural values constructing the issue

    -the historical development of these wider factors

    -the current changes in the ways that these situations are being construted

    -the contradictions they create and the personal stresses they impose on the individual

    3. nb there are some very good academic web sites on this important topic look especially for the ones publshed on the internet by the United Nations.

    Source(s): C W Mills 'The Sociolgical Imagination'
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