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I am in desperate need for help! I have to write an essay comparing & contrasting Confucianism, Buddhism and Hinduism. If you know any of these answers- please let me know!!!

1. Where did Confucianism originate? (Zhou, Hin or Chin Dynasty? I think Zhou, but not sure.)

2. Did Confucianism have any social classes?

3. Were men superior to women if you followed Confucianism?

4. If Buddhists rejected the Hindu's Caste System, what social guidlines did they follow?

5. If Confucianism didn't have social classes, how did they keep social order?

Also if you know anything else I could compare and contrast, please let me know! (political, economic, religious, social, intellectual/art, geography)

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    1. Zhou

    2. Yes, the gays, blacks, and mexicans

    3. men were supiorior only if they had big penises

    4. They followed they confucian social classes listed above ^

    5. They kept social order by touching themselves

    Hope I Helped!!!!!! =D

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