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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceWords & Wordplay · 1 decade ago

what does tap in mean?

My cousin told me that he just tapped in and i was confused.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    BohoGirl is Right. It all depends on WHAT your cousin tapped into.

    The term derives from ye old wooden-barrel-type kegs of non-soft-drink-style beverages. You had to put a hole into the keg to get the liquid out, and then, you had to put something into the hole to keep the rest of it in, and to keep small critters out.

    When somebody invented a device that works the same way as faucets do in bathroom and kitchen sinks, those things were called "taps".

    So, to tap into a keg of mead meant to have broken into the keg in order to get some or all of the mead out.

    Nowadays, the term is used metaphorically.

    You can metaphorically tap into a scholarship funding program by earning one of their renewable scholarships.

    Likewise, to tap into a bank usually means to be able to get access to their money, but in the case of banks, it is usually meant as a euphemism for robbery or burglary.

    If he's a Boy Scout, it means that he has been selected to be a candidate for the Order of the Arrow.

    On another edge of the spectrum, he could be trying to say that he is no longer a vrigin.

    Again, it all really depends on what exactly it is that your cousin was saying that he had tapped into.

    So your next question should be "tapped into what?"

  • 1 decade ago

    you have to "tap in" to something. it means nothing by itself.

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