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What's this film: 1980s, end credits show view driving on a Paris(?) motorway, American man, French prostitute?

Can anyone tell me this film I have a vague recollection of? I don't remember anything about the storyline except the main characters were an American man and a French prostitute (80% sure about the prostitute part), it was filmed/parts of it were filmed in what I think was Paris, the film was in the 1980s, and the end credits featured the view out of a car rear window driving along an urban motorway in France, most probably Paris.

Thanks if you can help


The language in the film was English so I guess it was a US production, given the American lead actor.

In response to the suggestion from Ghost Boy, it isn't the video "Rendez-vous" you gave the link to but I did enjoy watching that so thank you. The style of it is quite similar to the end credits of the film I'm thinking of except in the film it's from a car not a motorbike

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    Here's my guess:

    Frantic (1988)

    starring Harrison Ford, Emmanuelle Seigner, Betty Buckley

    IMDb synopsis:

    A doctor and his wife go to Paris for a medical conference. While showering, his wife disappears. His lack of language, and the odd way she disappeared makes it nearly impossible for him to find any official help in his search as he enters the punk/drug culture to find out what has happened to her.

    Here are the movie trailer and Part 1 on YouTube:


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    Youtube thumbnail


    It opens with credits over cars driving, so perhaps the end credits are the same. It's been awhile since I've seen it, so I can't say for certain.

    Ford's character is accompanied by a young Frenchwoman who might be mistaken for a prostitute; she's a sort of "party girl", who goes to nightclubs, including one frequented by older men with youthful "dates".

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