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Is it possible to transfer from an AROTC program into West Point?

If I were recieving a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship, would I still be able to?

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    Absolutely, as long as the West Point age and other requirements are met: not having reached the 23rd birthday on July 1 of the year of entering West Point. Also course work does not directly transfer but courses can be validated. Even so, every Cadet will spend four years in residence at West Point. The PMS(Professor of Military Science) can nominate his Rotc Cadets to West Point. This type of nomination is due to West Point by the second Monday in January. Found on page 17 of the 2009-2010 West Point Catalog:

    Honor Military, Naval Schools, and ROTC

    Applicants enrolled in a junior or senior Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program are eligible for nomination in this category. Certain ROTC schools designated by departments of the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps as “Honor Units with Distinction” may recommend three of their honor graduates for nominations. Applications should be made through the professor of military science or the senior instructor at such a school to the Director of Admissions, U.S. Military Academy, 606 Thayer Road, West Point,

    NY 10996-1797.

    Your senior instructor must fill out and submit a Request for ROTC Nomination to USMA (Form 5-497) and a USMA Admissions Interview Report (USMA Form 21-8) to be considered for a nomination. This application must reach West Point by the second Monday in January. The best-qualified candidates, without regard to schools, are then selected for enrollment.

    The number of appointments based on Rotc Nominations and charged off to this category in the round of competition within nominating sources is limited to 20; however, a nomination from any source will transform an Loa(letter of assurance) into an appointment and likewise will allow a candidate to compete beyond the round of competition within nominating sources, among waitlisted Candidates for the several hundred offers of declined offers of appointment and this competition is strictly according to whole person scores.

    The general recommendation for College Candidates is to enroll in a first year curriculum that is similar to a first year West Point Cadet's Curriculum: Chemistry with Lab, Calculus, English Composition, US History and of course Rotc if available at the College.

    Good Luck!

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    Negative. The Academy takes applicants that are recommended by a state senator--it is not like a typical four year college that you can transfer in and out of. I'd keep the scholarship as they're getting harder to get these days.

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