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Help Me With Naming My Character?

It's a guy


He's seventeen

Tall, muscular

Dark brown hair, kinda long, in his face

Blue eyes


Mean, hateful, loves to get in fights

When you really get to know him he's nice, sweet and really caring

A player

Doesn't keep people close

Fights at the warehouse

Pushes people who try to get close away


His family is disfunctional, his dad's alcoholic/drug abuser and hits him a lot, his mom died when he was ten and the rest of his family disowns him for the fighting an pushing people away/acting out He could care less and wants to get away from them all, so he runs away


Please give me any names you can think of, first ones only. I'd really appreciate it. Also, i am not publishing. It's a story that's important to me--even though i'm a girl, if you haven't figured that one out--but i can't think of any names that work. THANKS A MILLION

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    damien, drake, jack, zack, tristian, peter, gariballe, samuel, norman, alan, joey, conner, john, matthew, harry, russel, justin, jason, leon, liam, bart, chuck, joe, jackson, colin, george, hiro, charlie

    just use names of people you like or friend or names that are special to you. if i think of anymore will edit it for you. hope this helps :)

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    Axl Shadows

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    dont know why but lol just sounds like it. hope you werent expecting something japanese =P

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