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Reason why you like to leave states and live in asia? choose any of these countries- india, nepal, pakistan, s?

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    Nepal. Most beautiful (Top 5) country in the world for natural scenario. There is Mount Everest (highest peak in the world) and it is birth place of Lord Buddha too. Lodging and fooding are very cheap in compare to other country. People are very helpful. any kind Nudity is restricted in public. No need to keep any kind of identity cards to show you who are you, no one going to ask you about. But better to live outside of capital Kathmandu. Kathmandu is now being polluted even here are many World heritage zone exist. Chicks are very sexy. :)

    Source(s): As i am Nepali citizen I have said above, but I want to and leave in states, because here in nepal, there is no job opportunity as we want to have.
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    Most people do it because they find it easir to live among their own kind/race, u know wat i mean.

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