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what is the area of bethlehem (palestine)?

what is the physical area of bethlehem? also any important valleys, plains, or mountains in bethlehem.

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    "Bethlehem is a Palestinian city in the central West Bank, approximately 10 kilometers (6 mi) south of Jerusalem, with a population of about 30,000 people."

    "Bethlehem Governorate lies in the southern part of the West Bank south of Jerusalem. It has an area of 608 Km2 and is home to 176,235 Palestinian inhabitants (PCBS, 2007).

    It has been targeted by the Israeli occupation since 1967 when 18.1 Km2 from its lands were unilaterally annexed by Israel to the illegally declared new municipal boundary of Jerusalem.

    However, since 1967, the owners of the “annexed areas” continued to access their land until the Segregation Wall plan came to existence."

    And for the geographically-challenged, the city's website ( is located in "Palestinian Territories - Occupied".

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    In regards to a previous answer, Bethlehem IS NOT in Israel NOR was it EVER; Judea yes, but never Israel. Oh if Palestine doesn't exist then neither does Israel, as both are recognized by the UN, albeit a Palestine without borders (otherwise we couldn't have an Oslo Accord now, could we). As to Bethlehem it's hard to say as settlements are encroaching on the surrounding area. Israel gets around building restrictions by enlarging the DISTRICT of Jerusalem. That's why the Israeli government insists that Jerusalem is off limits to any land deal and moratorium on settlement construction- they are not talking about the CITY of Jerusalem per se, but the DISTRICT which has ever grown larger over the past years. Bethlehem is almost completely surrounded by "Jewish Only" settlements, built mostly on what used to be Christian Palestinian farms. In fact, Israeli control is SO tight that the CHRISTIAN mayor of Bethlehem can not leave his own city without Israeli permission.

    So I apoligize, but your question can not be solved as the answer changes continually. For example, the municipal area of Bethlehem used to encompass THIRTY-FIVE square kilometers, now its only SIX.

    Oh and not to mention a huge concrete wall that slices off the northern part of the town.

    @tim, so that WASN'T the mayor of Bethlehem? And the barrier DOESN'T go through Bethlehem? And Bethlehem ISN'T almost surrounded by "Jewish only" settlements? And I would love to see ANY map that shows Bethlehem inside of Israel. First remember there is absolutely NO evidence of a united Israel, nor that "King David" was born in Bethlehem outside the Bible. In fact ALL evidence points to the contrary. The REAL historical Israel- the north kingdom- never encompassed Bethlehem, nor even Jerusalem, and ceased to exist in 721 BCE with the Assyrian conquest. It came to be once more in 1948, but its borders NEVER included Behtlehem, nor has it annexed it. The Bethlehem of Jesus was in Judea, not Israel- even Judeans didn't call themselves "Israeli" or "Israelites"- because they weren't, they were JEWdeans.

    But nice try

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    First, Bethlehem is a CITY in ISRAEL. Palestine was a region of the Roman Empire. It's actually, physically, in the West Bank territory if the Jordan River, which is part of Israel.

    As a city, it doesn't have lots of valleys, plains, or mountains. That would imply it was, at some point, a REGION. It is situated ON a mountainside. (or hillside)

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    These maps can help you answering your question

    It is a Palestinian city

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    In response to ''michardrav". Firstly, with regards to his source - Stephen Sizer, a "christian" who is in league with anti-semites of all sorts - holocaust deniers such as those in Iran, downright racists. He is also in league with muslims yet refuses to condemn the Islamic regimes that murder christians en mass. He utterly despises the state of Israel yet seems to forget that that is where Yeshua/Jesus comes from, that all writers of the New Testament were Jewish and that according to the New Testament the New Covenant was made with the Jews, so if he rejects the Jews he is rejecting the man he claims to believe in yet obviously does not. He has rejected countless challenges of public debate on the matter of Israel - typical of cowards and intellectually bankrupt kooks.

    Looks at any maps of Israel from earlier and you'll see Bethlehem is Israeli - the hometown of King David and of Jesus. Arabs have absolutely no historical, legal or religious claim to the city. The state of Israel is the only state that grants full rights to christians in the middle east, there is not a single arab/islamic state that does not have gross human rights abuses. The provinces of Judea and Samaria are as Jewish as can be, Jews can not ''settle'' in thir native lands any more that native americans can ''settle'' in Washington.

    Source(s): You can either accept the facts and support Israel, or reject them. God says he will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel - history and science both support the fact that the Israel of today descends from the Israel of times gone by. God also is going to judge those who try to split HIS land, which he has entrusted to the Jewish people - you have been warned.
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    bethlehem was scary since it was outside of jewish control. i felt like i was in the slums

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