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Isnt back to december by taylor swift soo sweet:)?

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    I also agree with Melissa. Taylor Swift isn't my "I wish she would be my BFFFFFLLL!!!@!111!" sort of gal.

    I used to be her fan. She's sweet and beautiful (with make-up), but despite it all- I tend to not really be fans of those goodie-two-shoes types- you know?

    I liked her when she came out, she was nice and somewhat down-to-earth. Now that I think of it though, she wasn't really that great. Nice voice, great clothes, nice music videos. But things got boring- she wasn't bringing anything new to the table to KEEP me interested. And I am sure this will be happening soon to the rest of her fans. Well, unless they're like obsessed.

    I'm not jealous of Taylor Swift, and I'm sure Melissa isn't "butt-ugly" and probably not "cold hearted and bitter". I've seen those pictures of her without make-up. Nothing to be jealous of if you ask me. I'll listen to it when I'm in a country-music mood (I do love country-music, but it's not my all time favorite genre). She sings the same songs over and over again, different point of views, about her past boyfriends, about the guys she's liked before. I've gone through the same problems with my close friends, who are eager, giddy, and budding fans of Taylor, and I- am not.

    It draws onto similar conclusions other fans mutter when they spot a not so friendly anti- or not really a fan at all.

    -I'm jealouz.

    -I'm jealous

    -I'm ugly

    -I'm a whore with no life

    -I'm a whore with no sort of talents or skills

    -I'm an ugly *****

    -I'm an ugly ***** with no life

    -I can't sing, dance, or have any favorable taste in music

    -No one likes me and I'm SUPER jealous because everyone loves Taylor Swift

    -Taylor Swift is too good for me and I'm too bad for her

    -I have no good taste in music

    -I need to listen to her songs more

    -I need to shut up and keep my opinion to myself

    -I'm just a horrible person who's such a small little bug compared to an angelic Taylor Swift

    -I think I'm all that and way above Taylor Swift

    -I hate country music

    -I'm lying, I'm actually a mega popular rabid fan of hers and just want to be super mega cool

    It draws to the same conclusions. Whatever. SO yeah, I'll listen to it. Sure- I totally will. But if it's the same as the other songs within 50 seconds, I think I'm going to bang my head on my desk and recommend the song to my friends. Oh and happy Halloween.

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    First off, wrong section. This is B&A not music.

    Second of, no. I hate Taylor Swift. She's too sicking annoyingly sweet. And she looks like a pig. She sings the same songs over and over. Who cares if she's in love? We know that after the first couple songs, please stop repeating that!

    Edit: @The Yamster: I'm not jealous. And I'm not ugly. So don't assume crap you don't even know. Esp about someone you don't know yourself. Are you ugly yourself and think everyone must be? No, I don't like rap music either. I like good music. I listen to pop, rock, classic, japanese, spanish and pretty much anything but rap and country.

    FYI, I'm not "taking my anger and envy out on you" or anyone else for that matter. I'm stating my opinion, which is that I think Taylor Swift is sickening annoying. That's what I believe and you can't change MY OPINION on that matter. I'm sick of hearing her songs all the time on the radio. And yes, she does look like a pig. She's got a pig nose.

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    kinda... kyra plz get on yahoo!!

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