Recipe for canned spiced apples?

I'm looking for a recipe for not just spiced apples, but one that includes the canning process as well. Thanks!

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    Try this:

    Selecting, Preparing, and Canning: Spiced Apple Rings1

    United States Department Of Agriculture, Extension Service2

    Spiced Apple Rings

    12 lbs firm tart apples (maximum diameter 2-1/2 inches)

    12 cups sugar

    6 cups water

    1-1/4 cups white vinegar (5%)

    3 tbsp whole cloves

    3/4 cup red hot cinnamon candies or 8 cinnamon sticks

    1 tsp red food coloring (optional)

    Yield: About 8 to 9 pints

    Procedure: Wash apples. To prevent discoloration, peel and slice one apple at a time. Immediately cut crosswise into 1/2-inch slices, remove core area with a melon baller and immerse in ascorbic acid solution. To make flavored syrup, combine sugar water, vinegar, cloves, cinnamon candies, or cinnamon sticks and food coloring in a 6-qt saucepan. Stir, heat to boil, and simmer 3 minutes. Drain apples, add to hot syrup, and cook 5 minutes. Fill jars (preferably wide-mouth) with apple rings and hot flavored syrup, leaving 1/2-inch head-space. Adjust lids and process according to the recommendations in Table 1.

    See website for Table.



    4 1/2 c. white sugar

    2 tbsp. cinnamon

    1 tbsp. salt

    1/4 tsp. nutmeg

    10 c. water

    1 c. cornstarch

    3 tbsp. lemon juice

    Cook sauce ingredients until bubbles. Add lemon juice.

    Fill 7 quarts with peeled, sliced apples. Pour sauce over apples in jar. Cook in hot water bath for 20 minutes.

    When ready to use - use as apple pie filling for cobbler, Dutch apple or crisp apple pie.,1937,158163-253198,...



    2 c. sugar

    1 stick cinnamon

    Juice and rind of 1 lemon (grate peel)

    2 c. water

    1/2 tsp. red cake color

    8 or 10 sm. apples, peel and slice

    Combine sugar, water, lemon juice and rind, stick of cinnamon and red color. Place the apple slices in pan of juice after juice comes to a boil. Cook until the apples curl on edges. Serve with any roast or meat,1913,159162-248197...

    Here are two youtube videos on how to can apples. They may help with the canning process.

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    Hope this helps! Good Luck!!!

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