How to record from DVR to Magnavox DVD Recorder, ZC320MW8?

I bought this DVD recorder from Walmart a few years ago and I'm not quite sure if it's defective or if I'm just not doing it right. I want to record programs from my DVR onto a DVD. It works just fine with TV shows because I record one episode at a time and most are shorter than 20 minutes. They play back fine, both with audio and picture.

However, when I try to record a movie from my DVR, it shows that everything went fine and that the recording time is an hour and a half or so, but when I try to play it back, it only plays fine for about 15-20 minutes. Then, it freezes and I can't move forward. I thought it might be the DVD, but I've tried recording dozens of different movies on different DVDs and it does the exact same thing. Can't be the whole box of DVDs? What's going on? Is this machine defective or should I be doing something else? Thanks for the help, I choose best answer!

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't really know how your hooked up for recording from the dvr, but I just take rca cables from the line one output of the dvr and connect it to the audio input of the recorder and put the dvd recorder on L1 and press record when you start the movie.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    A dvd recorder records to a dvd disc just like the ones that movies come on. A dvr records to a hard drive just like the hard drive in a computer--no discs or tapes are needed to record programs. Typically, they can hold hundreds of hours of programming depending on how big the hard drive is. You can fast forward at lightning speeds and erase unwanted programs almost instantly. One of the coolest things about dvr is that you can watch something from the beginning while it is still recording. Say you record your favorite show while you're out. You get home when the show is half over. You can watch it from the beginning while the second half finishes recording. Tivo dvr's require a subscription service to access programming through a phone line . I have a Panasonic dvr that doesn't require any extra fees. It uses TV Guide programming which is embedded in most cable services already.

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