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Should road tax be based Only on carbon dioxide emissions?

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    ~lol~ No. You don't know for sure what a vehicle is putting out. Someone could be driving a very old car, but it could have a very new engine in it, which is quiet clean.

    Also, the price of all your goods would go up dramatically. The semi trucks, though they burn MUCH, MUCH cleaner than they use to, still put out a lot of emissions. If the trucking companies suddenly faced huge tax hikes, it would get passed onto the consumer immediately.

    Also, how is it fair that an electric vehicle, which use space on the road, and causes wear and tear to the road bed, would not be paying tax? What do you think would happen to road conditions if more and more people purchased electric cars to avoid paying taxes? Less pollution yes, but potholes that could swallow a bus would soon be the norm.

    Not only do I think ALL vehicles need to pay tax, I think bicycle riders over 18 years of age also need to pay tax. Those bike lanes they put in are quiet expensive. Why should car drivers and home owners (property taxes) be the only ones to foot the bill for bike lanes? The people who use them should also be taxed. Taxes for the bikes should be cheap, (like $2 a year) but they should still be taxed.


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  • GABY
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    9 years ago

    Why? Cars only produce about 5-8% of the CO2 from man. Even if we instantly removed half of ALL cars, it would hardly even be noticed relative to CO2. Put the taxes on power production and industrial process where it will make a real difference.

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    There should not be any highway Tax. Roads already paid for to construct, and nevertheless get money from gas taxes to construct new ones, yet there are no new roads geared up in maximum places. So the place those money for clean roads going? could you assert corruption? Why could anybody could decide for to pay greater tax for some thing nor they nor their little ones going to get? in many states tax on the gas is greater then 60% the fee of the gas itself. Is it insane or what?

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    What is the connection between the road and the CO2? Nothing..

    And what is the bases for charging taxes out of CO2? And where those taxes(monies) go?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I pay enough taxes . And no.

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