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thinking about getting a SSD need some help though?

well i was thinking about getting a SSD maybe 60GB anf getting windows 7 pro. and having the win7 on the SSD as the bootable drive, my question is i have a 500GB normal HDD about half full, i was going to keep that as a storage but the games on it would they have to be installed on the SSD? or could i have the programs installed on the HDD and run them off that. thanks for any help

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    I would go the SSD route. I just picked up the OCZ Vertex 30GB for my main Desktop homebuilt PC. I run Win 7 64-bit, MS Office, Norton 2010, HP Utilities and a few other small programs and install everything else to another internal drive. I must say, the SSD is AWESOME. Programs load instantly. Few things to look for...make sure it supports TRIM. Most of the newer controllers do. If you find one you like, look for some tests showing it's performance both new and once it's filled up - because this can vary significantly on some drives. Check out this articlehere on TH's for some good reading on SSD's.

    It would help to know what your budget is. I would take out the 5400rpm drive completely & replace it with an SSD drive for your primary drive. Personally, if you can afford it - I would go with a 120gb or 160gb SSD drive, this should be able to accommodate your OS, major applications and games. Otherwise, opt for an 80gb SSD; run the OS & games off the SSD and put your apps & media files on the external drive if really necessary (actually, you can take the 5400 rpm drive that comes with the laptop out of it and buy an external enclosure, use this for your storage drive - you can get an eSATA external enclosure like this one).

    Basically, put what you're going to use most on the SSD. Obviously, this becomes less relevant if you can afford a higher capacity SSD.

    Or, you could always go with a 7200 rpm internal drive. You can pick up the Seagate 7200.4 500GB for about $100. I have the 320gb version of the 7200rpm Seagate in my laptop & love it

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    Yes you can install them on the older HDD but you will not get the performance gain you would if they were installed on the SSD, which is mostly faster loading times.

    I would not get a hard drive smaller than 100GB as windows itself takes up +16GB which would only leave you with approx 44GB. Also, an SSD would really only benefit the loading time of Windows itself. other than that, programs will open slightly faster and anything hard drive intensive would obviously benefit.

    Your best bet is to keep the 500GB as your OS drive but get multiple 1.5GB hard drives from Seagate and put them into a RAID array. the drives are quite cheap but have a tendency to be faulty. RAID will protect your data in case of such failures

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