For Those who went to NightFall in Tucson AZ 2010?

I thought this year was stupid i mean absolutely no effort at all on trying to be scary i mean really the iron door mine agian and (i thought mad science show was funny though) i mean i heard they got nominatnated for Scariest attraction when the first oppened up. now this year was its 20th year and instaed of doing Death Row or the Inferno. to make it Scarier take most common peoples fears and puy it into one Haunted house Like for instance Spiders and Clowns and actually win a trophy or recongnition for making it scary again and you wana know what gets people like Screams, Darkness,Loud Noises, pop outs, Post what you think about my ideas or what ever you feel like

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  • 10 years ago
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    Tuscon sounds scary especially with all those crystals and rainbow people.

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