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Point out grammar mistakes

---Point out all the grammar mistakes in the following passage and do the corrections for the mistakes.

---You can also write a new passage that is better than the original passage.

(choose either one question)

Human Memory Machine:

The machine is like a hat. It's convenient to use. It made by plastic and it's red and blue in color. It weigh 2kg and it can be fold when you don't want to use the machine.

The machine is designed for students. They don't need to put effort to remember everything that they learnt anymore. They can use this machine to recite all the things into their brain. Then they can get excellent results in every quiz/exam and everyone become a clever person.

Use step:

1) put the machine on your head.

2) put the texts inside the machine, then the machine will comsume them and bring the infromation to your brain.

3) After 30 seconds, you will remember all the things that you put in.

3) You will remember the memories forever until you die.

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    The machine can be wear as a head and it is convenient to use. It is made by plastic and the color is in blue and red. It weights approximately 2 kg and it can be fold and only require a minimal of space to store it when it is not in use.

    As well, this machine is especially designed for students. Therefore, they do not need to put any efforts on memorizing study materials.They can use this tool on every quiz or exam since it will help them to recite all the materials from the machine. Because of this excellent function of the machine, they can achieve a higher marks during their learning progress.

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    The machine can be wear as a hat...

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