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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 10 years ago

英文翻譯 有關萬聖節

Ireland is the place where the celebration of halloween began,and the tradition is still very much the countryside ,bonfires are lit the way they were in the days of celts.costumed children go about the neighborhood in the evening for trick-or-treat.

The Irish kid may also be mischievous enough toplay a trick called

knock-a-dolly,in which they knock on the doors of neighbors and then run away

before the door is opened.

Adults usually attend parties with friends,and at these parties,many games

are played ,including soap-apple.The game requires playrs to take a bite out

of apples suspended from a door frame or tree.

希望可以幫我翻中文 不要用翻譯軟體 謝謝

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    愛爾蘭是最先開始慶祝萬聖節的地方 而這項傳統依然存再著 再鄉下地方 他們用石器點燃營火 穿著特殊服飾的孩子們在夜晚時到鄰居的家討糖果 愛爾蘭的小孩子也非常調皮搗蛋的玩一個叫做”敲敲門” 意思是敲鄰居的門之後在鄰居應門之前馬上跑走大人們通常會去參加派對 派對裡玩許多遊戲 像是”泡泡蘋果”遊戲 這是把對手的懸掛的蘋果從門框或是樹上打下來的遊戲

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