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What do you think of these names (and any suggestions for middle names)?





Lili (like Lily but spelled with an i)


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  • Kendra
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    9 years ago
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    Susan- kinda plain jane

    Emmeline- this is pretty, my favourite out of the names you've picked

    Richard- like it, but keep in mind a nickname is dick =P

    Jeremy- favourite of the boy names you picked

    Lili (like Lily but spelled with an i)- sounds like lee-lee or something, def stick to the original spelling on this one

    Ralph- reminds me of the tubby kid from the simpsons

  • 9 years ago

    Susan - I like it, but I prefer Susannah.

    Emmeline - Awesome, but I prefer the french spelling, Emeline.

    Richard - A nice name in itself, but the nickname Dick is horrible. I would use it as a middle name to avoid having a son called Dick.

    Jeremy - Boring.

    Lili (like Lily but spelled with an i) - I would only like it spelled Lily or Lilly.

    Ralph - Its nice, for a boy.

    Susan Marie

    Emmeline Anne

    Richard James

    Jeremy Ian

    Lili Mae

    Ralph Thomas

  • Susan - I dislike it, it just sounds old.

    Emmeline - Quite nice, but very trendy

    Richard - It's just ok, it sounds a bit dated to me

    Jeremy - It's a nice name

    Lili - I love Lily, but not a fan of this spelling

    Ralph - This is ok, it has been growing on me lately.

    Susan Elizabeth, Susan Grace

    Emmeline Rose, Emmeline Alice

    Richard Joel, Richard Henry

    Jeremy Cole, Jeremy Oliver

    Lili Charlotte, Lili Simone

    Ralph James, Ralph Nicholas

  • 9 years ago

    Susan - Blah

    Emmeline - Like it!

    Richard - Blah

    Jeremy - Cute

    Lili (like Lily but spelled with an i) - Don't like the spelling!! Lily or Lilly

    Ralph - Cute

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  • bec s
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    9 years ago

    susan blake

    emmeline zoe

    richard cade

    jeremy tyrone

    lili summa

    ralph william

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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