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I don't understand homosexuality?

1) What benefit does it have compared to the benefit that heterosexual people have on the human race i.e. producing more humans?

2) Puberty is the time where teenagers have raging hormones because this is their bodies telling them to make as many babies as possible. Sexually ripened if you will. Homosexual teens get these same feelings too but they aren't able to produce children so why do they still have the same genetic trait?

3) What causes a boy to like another boy, when we're designed to be attracted to the opposite sex? Explains why guys like nice breasts and curves because it means the women is fit to raise children, or whatever. Girls like guys who are usually well-built that shows that he'd be fit to raise and protect their family.

4) Why isn't homosexuality classified as a disorder such as infertile Heterosexual people?

5) What causes the brain of a male to go.."hm! I like that guy he's really hot!" and not go "hm! that girl is really hot!" instead? vice versa for females.

6) Homosexuality has no benefit to natural selection.

7) How can guys not like breasts?!? I understand that girls may like girls because girls are just HOT!! Like how can a guy be attracted to another guy. What is their mind telling them while they're having sex with each other? Is their mind fooling them into believing they can have children?!?! LMAOOOOOO


Oh and another thing! Some study suggested homosexual males may have a similar brain formation as heterosexual females and lesbians same for straight males. But how come some homosexuals act like straight males? Wouldn't ALL gay people be girly since their mind is telling them that they want a strong man? It makes noooo sense!!

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    "All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine (useful to teach us what is true & to make us realize what is wrong in our lives) 2 Tim 3:16

    God bless and thanks for asking <)))><

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  • Alexis
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    9 years ago

    Homosexuality is easy to understand. Sexual orientation exists as a coordinate position on a planar spectrum of biaxial continua. Every person has a value between 0 and 100 measuring their attraction to both the same sex and the opposite sex, called the homometer and the heterometer.

    Some people possess a rating above 30 on the homometer and below 30 on the heterometer. This means that they are sufficiently attracted only to members of the same sex that they would freely consider entering into a sexual relationship with them.

    Sexual orientation is determined by the neural configuration of the cerebrum, and is the result of ambient hormonal conditions during acting on genetic predispositions. Sexual orientation has evolved to exist as a spectrum because variation is beneficial for the survival of social species.

    "Is their mind fooling them into believing they can have children?!?! LMAOOOOOO"

    And this is why I won't waste any more time than I already have.

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  • samuel
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    9 years ago

    1. Do you think all male and female relation for producing human race, Prostitutes living here in earth?

    2 Lot of Husbands and wife here in earth with out kids, kids are gift of God not the sign of your feelings

    3. you are not a Gay , you cant understand those feelings

    4.Disorder?, you are living in a world where Men fantasizing sex with Mother, Father raping daughter, is it a disorder

    5 What cause a male to feel, i am "ssy whiped"?

    6.I can select, it my nature,

    7. you just care Breast, dont think that is your Mother's or Sister's

    your brain is working like a arrogant discriminatory level, you hate gays and once your mouth filled you will be ok. this is obvious, no need of further study

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  • 1) You do know that the world is overpopulated, right?

    2) Obviously we have different parts at work here, one that craves sex, and another that determines who they're attracted to.

    3) Psychology is still working on that. More as the story develops.

    4) Well, they can still be fertile. The reason it isn't classified as a disorder is that the evidence says that LGBTs function as members of society as well as any other person does. And that is what matters in Psychology.

    5) Please see answer 3.

    6) Darwin would care to disagree.

    7) Who said they didn't?

    Additional Details) That's just a suggestion. Like I said, stay tuned.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    it is a natural variation for some portion of the members of a species to be attracted to the same gender. this occurs in many creatures, not just humans.

    Homosexuality is not considered a disorder because theres nothing wrong with it. its not something to be cured, its just a variation.

    what makes females attracted to males? besides reproduction?

    you are perceiving there to be more difference between men and women where they are actually very similar.

    did you know in some cultures, there are regarded to be three(or more!) genders? for example there are in some cultures a group that are genetically male, but live as females, not pretending to be female, not wishing they were genetically female, but having male genes, but female social role. (and most of the time in that situation, a man and a third gender genetic-man, would be considered heterosexual sex!)

    its not black and white. theres a whole lot of grays in the middle.

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  • 4 years ago

    It's all psychological, a male/female was unable to find a male/female that best represented their ideal opposite-sex parent during the Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt and Identity vs. Role-Confusion stage of their lives. So to protect them from isolation the mind idolizes the same-sex parent instead. Once a male/female has found someone of the opposite sex that fits the template of the opposite-sex parent, the orientation is then reverted back to being heterosexual, simple as that.

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  • 9 years ago

    Claim CB403:

    Evolution does not explain homosexuality. Traits evolve as a result of greater reproductive success, and homosexuals are less likely to reproduce..


    There are several possible explanations for this:

    Although homosexuality probably has a genetic component, much of its cause, perhaps most of it, appears to be nongenetic (Haynes 1995; Kendler et al. 2000; Kirk et al. 2000). To the extent it is not genetic, selection would not affect it.

    Homosexuals still have children. Sexual orientation is not an either-or trait but exists as a continuum (Haynes 1995). Those with some heterosexual orientation can still contribute homosexual genes (to the extent it is genetic; see above). And even the most extreme homosexuals sometimes have children.

    The most manifest heterosexuals may have homosexual tendencies, too. Homophobic male heterosexuals showed more arousal to homosexual images than did nonhomophobic heterosexuals (Adams et al. 1996). Societal condemnation of homosexuality may contribute to its genes being propagated by causing latent homosexuals to behave heterosexually.

    Genes for homosexuality could be beneficial on the whole. In bonobo chimpanzees, homosexual interactions are a form of social cement. It is possible that homosexuality evolved to serve social functions in humans, too (Kirkpatrick 2000). After all, social cohesion is still a main function of sex in humans.

    The genetic etiology of homosexuality may come from a collection of traits that, when expressed strongly and in concert, result in homosexuality; expressed less strongly or without supporting traits, these traits contribute to the robust nature of our species. The genes for these traits persist because they usually combine to make us better at survival and reproduction.

    Genetic factors linked to homosexuality in men apparently boost fertility in women. Female relatives of gay men, on their mother's side of the family, had more children than female relatives of heterosexual men. (Corna et al. 2004)

    It should be noted that the question of explaining homosexuality is not limited to humans. Homosexuality exists in hundreds of animal species (Bagemihl 1998).

    Source(s): Adams, H. E., L. W. Wright Jr. and B. A. Lohr, 1996. Is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal? Journal of Abnormal Psychology 105(3): 440-445. Bagemihl, Bruce, 1998. Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. New York: St. Martin Press. Corna, F., A. Camperio-Ciani and C. Capiluppi, 2004. Evidence for maternally inherited factors favouring male homosexuality and promoting female fecundity. Proceedings: Biological Sciences 271: 2217-2221. Haynes, J. D., 1995. A critique of the possibility of genetic inheritance of homosexual orientation. Journal of Homosexuality 28(1-2): 91-113. Kendler, K. S., L. M. Thornton, S. E. Gilman and R. C. Kessler, 2000. Sexual orientation in a U.S. national sample of twin and nontwin sibling pairs. American Journal of Psychiatry 157(11): 1843-1846.
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  • Mark
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    9 years ago

    What's to understand? If you can't accept differences in people and realize it isn't a mental disorder you will no longer be ignorant. Everything else you just said doesn't make sense and based most of your opinions on stereotypes and hatred of something you don't understand and have no clear knowledge of. The whole world isn't and wasn't meant to be straight, you just have to accept that.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    How old are you?

    You are kind of dumb. make that real dumb.

    Everybody ain't wired the same. People come in all colors of the sexual color chart. From over sexed to under sexed. From homosexual to heterosexual and everything in between

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  • 9 years ago

    its like weird eh..........but everyone like at sometime maybe had a friend of same sex they reely like and stop and just look them straight in the eye close up say like in play wrestling and thought maybe jees... i like this guy so would maybe kiss him but your scared its wrong...but the feeling is there even if its just a fun is weird sometimes like seems you cant do want your body wants you to do...

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  • 9 years ago

    Well aren't you just the rude one.

    I'm not homosexual, but I do believe that it isn't a disorder, and it isn't a choice,

    homosexual people are born that way.

    And it isn't bad, it's different.

    Plus, it's not like its bad that everyone isn't reproducing, otherwise, we'd be overrun with people.

    Source(s): NOH8
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