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your MMA ranking for P4P and Weight classes?

P4P: 1. Anderson Silva

2. George St. Pierre

3. Jose Aldo

4. Shogun Rua

5. Fedor Emelianko

HW: 1. Cain Velasquez

2. Brock Lesnar and Fedor (both are coming off loses but, before the loses they were #1 so a tie)

3. Junior Dos Santos

4. Allistair Overeem

5. Shane Carwin

LHW: 1. Shogun Rua

2. Rashad Evans (even though i hate this dude so badly!!!)

3. Gegard Mousasi

4. Rafael Cavalcante

5. Jon Jones

MW: 1. Anderson Silva

2. Chael Sonnen

3. Nate Marquadt

4. Yushin Okami

5. Ronaldo Souza

WW: 1. George St.Pierre

2. Josh Koscheck

3. Nick Diaz (hate him more then Evans)

4. Jake Shields

5. Jon Fitch

LW: 1. Frank Edgar

2. Gilbert Melendez

3. Eddie Alvarez

4. Ben Henderson

5. Shinya Aoki

FW: 1. Joes Aldo

2. Joe Warren

3. Michihiro Omigawa

4. Hiroyuki Takaya

5. Joe Grispi

BW: 1. Dominick Cruz

2. Brian Bowles

3. Scott Jorgensen

4. Zach Makovsky

5. Joseph Benavidez


@Benji F do you honestly expect me to pick your answers? Tony Lopez? quit watching bully beatdown. and GSP not worthy? and who are half the guys you named? and i am a Lesnar fan and i admit he got the **** kicked out of him. why did Lesnar tumble? from a punch from Cain! and don't put an answer if you aren't going to complete it. no LW ranks or FW or BW. what better things? porn?

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    Fedor Emelianenko*

    Anderson Silva

    Jon Fitch*

    Jose Aldo


    Cain Velasquez

    Fedor Emelianenko

    Fabricio Werdum

    Junior Dos Santos

    Shane Carwin



    Lyoto Machida

    Rashad Evans




    Anderson Silva

    Chael Sonnen

    Nate Marquardt

    Ronaldo Souza

    Cung Li




    Josh Koscheck


    Nick Diaz


    Frankie Edgar

    BJ Penn

    Ben Henderson

    Eddie Alvarez

    Gray Maynard


    Jose Aldo

    Marlon Sandro

    Manny Gamburyan

    Mike Brown

    Urjiah Faber

    * Let me put it this way. Fedor lost to an ADCC champion while Anderson Silva lost to Ryo Chonan and with the exception of Okami a bunch of cans. Fedor has less losses than GSP and Anderson.

    * Fitch has only lost to GSP aside from his early losses and continues to dominate top contenders. He may boring for many people but he's dominant.

    I'd love to put up Shogun but he has just started his reign. Shogun is my favorite fighter next to Couture, Florian and Wanderlei but since he just started I'll put him up after he tears through Evans and then possibly Bones, which he will.

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    1.Anderson Silva- If you knew him, you'd understand him, (He toyed with the steroid user, 19 minutes, of toying before using his NOG Ju Jitsu: That Sonnen talked smack about, and had to tap.

    2. Alistair Overeem- He fights all over the world, my hat is off to him

    3. Jake Shields and his Strikeforce Middleweight Championship that completes his 15-0 streak.

    4. Fedor- Stupid loss

    5.Jose Aldo- Baby Spider



    1. Alistair Overeem

    2. Fedor

    3. Tony Lopez

    4. Cain V tied with Brock Lesnar *only because, I think that was a cheap way to earn a victory,

    as Lesnar losses his balance, falls,and Cain jumps on him, sure Cain won, but the I don't respect it.


    1.Gegard Moussaisi ( the mma rules in the USA are tainted, take-downs should not receive that much credit unless A, B, C) Therefore, Moussaisi in my opinion is still Champion

    2. Tony Lopez

    3. Rua- Rua was losing that second fight on the score cards, until the knockout.

    4. Lyoto Machida

    5. Anderson Silva


    1. Anderson Silva

    2. Jake Shields

    3. Magomed Sultanakhmedov

    4. Tyson Jeffries

    5.Brandon Hunt

    (Chael Sonnen, busted for steroids, and 19 minutes with Top Position and was unable to submit, TKO, or KO Silva. What an embarrassment.)


    1.Quin Mulhern

    2. Jake Shields *Strikeforce Champ, 15-0 streak

    3. Nick Daiz

    4. Josh Koscheck

    5. Anthony Johnson

    *Greaser St. Pierre, used vaseline, and should have been DQ'd, what is worse? Steroids, or Vaseline? Both are cheating.


    I have better things to do.

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