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I'm Terrified That I May Have Leukemia, But?


I'm a 20 year old, mother.

Here are the reason of why I fear that I may have leukemia:

1) My face seems a little on the pale side.

2) I have gnarly dark circles under my eyes.

3)My body aches a little.

4) I have a swollen lymph-node behind my ear; on the hair line.

5) I feel very low on energy, tired.

Hm? Well, I suppose that just sums it up in a nutshell.

I do have other medical issues, though:

1) Back scoliosis.

2) Thyroid nodule.

3) Duane syndrome.

4) Depression/anxiety

5) Having a miscarriage

6) Heart palpitations.

... Oh, but the list goes on...

I won't bore you, though.

I want you to know that I do smoke marijuana every day, pretty much (go ahead, criticizes me...) All these issues starting appearing,m mostly, from the beginning of this year.


Not to mention, I went to the doctors and they took my blood - thyroid and CBC - results? Normal, all of them.

Could I still have the possibility of having leukemia?

Should I get another opinion...

WHAT?! O.o

Thank you!

Additional Details

I also, sometimes, feel dizzy and get headaches.

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    I think that instead of asking people on Yahoo! answers, you should go to your doctor and ask if they can test for leukemia. Yahoo! answers is great for tips on staying healthy or relationship advice, but when it is something serious, ask a professional.

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