Do celebrity types like Ashton Kutcher really answer their Facebook posts?

According to Blogger Queen, yes, Ashton Kutcher does answer Facebook posts not just answering for ad money from big corporate companies. It's not a surprise to Blogger Queen to see him answering not just her, but other normal non celebrity types, even fans.

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    Ashton Kutcher is a true Facebook legend. Blogger Queen knows he is a real poster on Facebook and according to Google he has the Website of the Week and Blogger Queen can see why I'm sure Ashton, obviously does the advertising gig, I mean we all have to live and pay bills, so that is okay with fans, especially when he does directly answer your query. I'm sure Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore and many other types will easily be your friend, so go to Facebook and dial up some celebrity types like Blogger Queen . Here's a few has done with her Facebook celebrity list Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Suzanne Somers, Investigative Journalist Diane Dimond, Casper Van Dien and others too many to name! Just because they may be famous or semi famous, or in the limelight, does not mean they will shun you as a normal everyday person trying to get a piece of them. Even Miley Cyrus has a Facebook page, but in all the Facebook clamor, would you believe Penny Marshall has a "MySpace" page? It's really her, but we don't find her on Facebook.

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    Ashton and Demi are real people, not snotty or mean or uncaring about their fans and normal people alike. I noticed a lot of Facebook celebrities are on Facebook just for the ad money. A good example is a up and coming woman (who will be nameless) who is going to get her own show soon. Blogger Queen noticed that the woman kept naming products, cosmetics, places to go, things to buy, and when Blogger Queen tried to get in on the posting, the woman would ignore and continue with her "I loved ABC cosmetics, picked up 12 of them at Macy's today!" I would say back to her, "Hey, when you were a little kid, remember we had Macy's in our town and they were so small?" She never responded. Then I tried a different tactic. She mentioned a new line of lipstick and I played along and said "Oh, I took your advice, and went down to the mall and got 5 colors," and all of a sudden she is posting an answer for me. Ashton Kutcher is just an example of many celebrity types that will be your pal on Facebook. Other celebrity types answer also, but many are also involved in advertising for the big bucks. But Ashton has a good heart and loves his fans, his wife and his step kids.

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    If you look at a few Ashton Kutcher posts, you will see he is in touch with both his friends, his wife Demi Moore, his ads and his fans, so let's give these guys a break, they are also human. The following example below is directly from Ashton’s Face book “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage!” That's very "ASHTON"

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    Ashton and Demi are genuine human beings, no longer snotty or recommend or uncaring approximately their followers and regular human beings alike. i observed a large style of facebook celebrities are on facebook basically for the advert money. a good occasion is a up and coming female (who would be anonymous) who is going to get her very own practice quickly. Blogger Queen observed that the girl saved naming products, cosmetics, places to flow, issues to purchase, and whilst Blogger Queen tried to get in on the posting, the girl could overlook approximately and proceed together with her I enjoyed ABC cosmetics, picked up 12 of them at Macy's at present! i could say back to her, whats up, once you have been a splash baby, bear in mind we had Macy's in our city and that they've been so small? She not at all replied. Then i attempted a diverse tactic. She suggested a clean line of lipstick and that i performed alongside and mentioned Oh, I took your advice, and went right down to the mall and have been given 5 colorations, and impulsively she is posting an answer for me. Ashton Kutcher is merely an occasion of many celebrity varieties which would be your chum on facebook. different celebrity varieties answer additionally, yet many are additionally in touch in merchandising for the enormous greenbacks. yet Ashton has a good coronary heart and loves his followers, his spouse and his step teenagers.

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    I don't know about Facebook but they definitely do on Twitter a lot more often

    I have Spencer Pratt following me and the company of my favorite game and we've sent messages about ideas for the next game they are making...

    and i see a bunch of celebs answering people who talk to them.

  • i think he does! i always see that he really care about his fans...

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