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This is a bit late, but does Cutler's denied touchdown last Sunday justify CJ's denied touchdown in week 1?

Because they were both obvious touchdowns

BQ: Do you think I'm the only Bears fan who thinks Cutler and Martz should not be on this team, given their nasty interception histories?


Seriously, look back at the game highlights, Cutler threw some really bad passes. I'm not gonna lay blame the o-line and receivers for balls that were thrown right to Hall.

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    As a Bears fan, yes, I think this evens it out. But I'm sure Lions fan will disagree and say some crap like their touchdown was a more obvious touchdown that they deserved or something. The difference is, the CJ call was the right call but a stupid rule, while the Cutler's QB sneak was the wrong call, but our dumbass coach Lovie was at fault for not challenging it. They really should have had a booth review of that fumble whether Lovie decided to challenge it or not because it was as critical of a play as Big Ben's fumble and just as difficult to determine the correct ruling on the field. The Bears have been unlucky lately, losing two close games against teams that are mediocre at best. Against the Seahawks, Daniel Manning had a nice kickoff return called back for a holding call, then they fumble at the goal line against the Skins, then DJ Moore picks off McNabb for a TD, but it's called back because of a delay of the game penalty by the Redskins. Tough luck

    And I agree with Eric on the issue with Cutler and Martz. They could be a lethal team given they had the right cast of wide receivers and offensive line, but Angelo doesn't know how to put a balanced team together and Lovie doesn't know when and when not to challenge a play.

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    Ah no. Because Lovie Smith wasn't smart enough to challenge doesn't justify anything. Lovie lost that game. How he couldn't challenge that is beyond me. I really think the Bears could Hire me as "the guy upstairs" who tells lovie whether or not to challenge. If he challenges there it's 21-10 and game over.

    BQ: I think you're just a misinformed Bears fan. Cutler and Martz are not the Problem. The Problem is Jerry Angelo. Do Cutler and Martz physically bring in this pathetic cast of players? No. That is what jerry angelo does. You could have the greatest QB and O-Coordinator in football and it wouldn't matter with that o-line and group of recievers.

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