McDonald's Monopoly Game Real?

is the game real or is it just to have people to buy more mickey d's?

so when i have all the matching pieces what do i do next, how do i turn them in?

i went online and submitted the codes, but all i did was play a game that decides if i win or not, its not like a scratch off ticket were all of them match and i turn the ticket in for a prize...

i turn the ticket in and they decide whether i win or not. i dont think that is right, unless im doing something wrong.

i have every single piece to the monoply game i just dont know how to turn it in.

Please Help me and i appreciate it greatly!! thanks

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  • Duke
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    1 decade ago
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    It is real, but your chance of winning anything substantial is pretty slim. On the other hand, you have a pretty decent chance of winning food prizes.

    If you actually have all tickets of any given set, you can turn them in for a prize. Every McD's has little booklets with instructions for doing that; so does the website.

  • 1 decade ago

    it is real but not 1 person 1 it yet. well maybe 1 person but your chance is 1% just saying

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