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Error Number: 0x800CCC0B when I try and send an email xp-home/outlook express 6?

Every where I've looked, I found people acknowledging the fact that this problem exist, but no solutions? Microsoft updated does not fix this problem can someone Please help me to resolve this issue. Please provide step by step specific instructions, as I am Not a tech,

Thank You in advance :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    The 0x800CCC0B error when trying to send email through outlook express is a common error that is often encountered on an attempt to send your first email from third party email services such as gmail (google mail) using outlook express. The account may appear to work fine and you are able to receive email without a problem. This is because the SMTP 0x800CCC0B error will only occur when sending email.

    How to Fix the 0x800CCC0B Outlook Express error:

    From Outlook Express, navigate to Tools > Accounts

    Select the account that is encountering the error from the list and then click Properties

    Navigate to the Servers tab and check the My server requires authentication box under Outgoing Mail Server, then click OK

    Now, simply try to resend the email by clicking the Send/Recv button

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  • 4 years ago

    Phil, I'm also getting the problem. Have tried to rename the inbox, and also move the messages to another folder in webmail, but this didn't work. My message count also did not match the number of messages in the inbox folder. Exactly how did you manage to archive the inbox and fix it, so I can also try this? I've also got a message against each entry in the spam folder saying 'Mail could not load this message'. Since we're seeing other occurrences hopefully it's a BT problem that will be fixed soon. Graham

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