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Different forks on a GS500F?

I found a Suzuki 05 GS500F that has bent forks and is being sold really cheaply. If I found forks that are the same size (37mm) should they work fine, or will I have some problems fitting them (with the wheel, brakes, and triple trees?) Something like a Honda VF V45 Front forks.

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    Fork Transplants can get very complicated.

    It certainly can be done,,,but in practical terms it's best to stick with a straight exchange with an original type fork.

    Ebay always has "$100" forks for a wide variety of bikes,,,,which is sorta a shame because they can be so difficult & expensive to Cross-Fit.

    Worse is,,,they are often Infuriatingly CLOSE,,,and maybe an even Better Fork than original.

    It CAN be done,,,but usually costs as much or more by time it's done.

    And if there's "Nothing Special" about the new fork such as lighter/stronger/better hydraulics/provision for better wheels or brakes,,,etc........if it ain't a worthwhile Upgrade,,,,

    Then it's just a Difficult Replacement which results in a Frankenbike.

    For a GS500,,,a guy on ebay has an '09 complete fork he claims from an Unwrecked bike.Nice fork.

    $275 shipped.

    There's cheaper stuff out there,,,,but this is a fair deal.

    And it'll Plug & Play,,,,no need for seals or rebuild,,,or Rusty Legs,etc

    No sales pitch,,,just saying

    Sorry I dont have a more encouraging answer,,

    But on the subject of Fork Transplants I'm generally pessimistic.

    Do leave your question Open,,,there's a good chance someone will have a better answer.

    As far as the Bike,,,if it's a really good deal and you would WANT something like that,,,,,dont let it get away from you for lack of a cheap,immediately available fork.

    They pop up all the time,,,and there's plenty Other resources besides Ebay.

    Lottsa Bike Salvage Co's have parts-search services.

    A bit of patience w/ a bit of effeort,,I'm sure you can turn up The "Right" fork deal,,for You.

    GS500 is a very nice bike & worth the effort to make it all work out,,,in my opinion.

    Good Luck

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