reading Raid SSD drives?

my laptop had 2 64 gig raid ssd drives that I removed from my laptop that went to pieces due to my carelessness. I want to extract my files from the drives so that I can transfer it to my new laptop. Is there an adapter I could buy to read the SSD drives? I heard that you can not read one drive only and that you need a special adapter to read both drives at one time. Where can I buy such an adapter? Thanks for your help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If its RAID 1, you might just be able to read one drive on a regular controller. SATA or IDE?

    If its RAID 0, the data is spread onto both disks. Its just a matter of reading the data from both of the drives and reassembling it into a drive image which could then be restored onto a hard drive. How the data is split is very dependent on the RAID controller. Unless you got the same controller or at least the same brand, you probably wouldn't be able to read the array. If the data is really important to you, you could try a professional data recovery service, but it might be more expensive than you're prepared to pay.

    In the future, keep backups of any data on a RAID 0 array because they are not easy to recover unless you have a matching controller.

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    4 years ago

    eh ??? you're speaking approximately SSD , that's a stable state , ie no moving areas gadget. RAID can furnish redundancy , so a undeniable quantity of fault tolerance , and likewise greater valuable overall performance on classic disks , which spin around , and have hands which take time to look for to records places. it style of feels your theory is somewhat misconceived for what you think of you would be able to attain with it.

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