Question about dead rising ?

I don't know what to do , there's ******* time limit , if i do the main mission , i'll have to leave the side mission , if i do the side mission i'll have to leave the main mission , so what do i do ? i don't want to miss storyline ... i heard you will all need 7 zombrexs , i have 3 now on day 2 , i heard u 2 for jared and 1 for tk , i failed the mission code blue , so where do get more zombrex if i failed more zombrex free mission ?

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    Ok so for the Zombrexes..

    You get them by buying from the thug-controlled pawnshops (you need to finish the side mission "One Man's Trash") and they cost a fortune. You also get two from the paramedic named Sven (if you save him in Code Blue and if you bring him Vodka or Whiskey later in the game). You also get one from that guy from the side mission where you need to give him food before he joins. And yet another one from the Psychopath mission "Special Delivery".

    Now, there are four free Zombrexes scattered throughout the map: One in Slot Ranch backstage, one in Yucatan in the central slots, one in Americana across the overhead lamp via the BBQ house and one underground (video:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Time management is a big challenge in the game. I suggest that you LEVEL UP your character first at least to level 40 before continuing with the story. You do this by saving as many survivors as you can(gives you tonnes of PP's) and killing zombies while completely ignoring the main story BECAUSE THE BOSS BATTLES ARE HARD if you aren't leveled up.

    Then if you are well leveled up (40'ish-45'ish), just restart the story (your leveled up Chuck carries over plus all the skill moves he learned, not the items) and save over your old saved file. DO NOT START a new story. Just RESTART.

    Lastly, just go with the flow of the game. When a mission shows up, do them right away (Also keeping in mind the main one. DO NOT JUGGLE the side and the main missions all at once). and try to bundle survivors as much as possible to save time. Also, familiarize yourself with the map's layout as this helps a lot. Do not try to delay saving survivors once the side mission log shows up cause this will also delay the next side missions, causing more back logs and thus your inability to do the main mission on time.

    Honestly, the game isn't that hard once you know the order of the side missions and the main missions. It may seem hard at first but with the leveled up Chuck and continuous restarting of the game, it made my life easier in the game.

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