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Best horror movies of the last decade?

Let's say, top ten. Horror/comedies do apply.

My list (IN NO ORDER)

1. The Descent (2005)

2. Ils (2006)

3. REC (2007)

4. Shaun of the Dead (2004) Witty and delightfully dripping with former zombie movie references.

5. 28 Days Later

6. The House of the Devil (2009) A beautiful throwback to older horror movies. Tension builds and then sort of wavers in the last minutes of the movie. Still one of the best.

7. Let the Right One In (2008) Although not really scary, I just love the atmosphere of this movie.

8. Trick R Treat (2008) I have a strange love for vignettes.

9. Saw (2004) The sequels haven't been all that good, but you have to show love for the one that started it all.

10. The Orphanage (2007)

Runner-up: A Tale of Two Sisters, Ginger Snaps, The Ring (I do actually like the American version)

This being said, I've yet to watch Audition, High Tension, Ringu, and Martyrs--which is sitting on top of the tv right now. Also Session 9 is on my watch list.

What are yours?


I also liked the Strangers, but it borrowed far too much from Ils, which was superior in many ways.

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    No Order

    10. The Ring (2002)

    Though it only ranks the bottom of the list for its lack of re-watchability, the American remake of Ringu gets a nod for its exceptionally creepy atmosphere and its open-ended story. There isn’t any one “jump out of your skin” moment, but it is hands-down the most effect use of the “evil child returns from the dead” story device ever.

    9. Frailty (2002)

    A riveting psychological study of religious fanaticism wrapped up in a serial killing spree. The great thing about this movie is that, after you finish watching it, you realize that you weren’t necessarily scared that another person is going to get killed as you are that the kid who are the main characters are going to get caught. It sets up an interesting new twist on the serial killer sub-genre.

    8. Session 9 (2001)

    This atmospheric psychological thriller is a return to basics for the genre. Relying on a great set and a tormented character where other movies rely on special effects, it still does as great a job of instilling fear into audiences and keeping them guessing.

    7. The Ruins (2008)

    Though psychological horror movies beat out slasher flicks every time as far as I’m concerned, every now and again, a slasher crops up that makes for great thought-free entertainment. Even the movie’s straight-forward, often predictable plotline and over-elaborate effects can’t temper the movie’s fast-paced thrills and horrific ending.

    6. The Devil’s Backbone (2001)

    Probably the most artistic movie on this list, it may also be the most intelligent. The Devil’s Backbone is a hypnotically spooky ghost story.

    5. The Orphanage (2007)

    Everything about this movie screams cliche, from the haunted house to the creepy orphan, but minute for minute, the movie delivers more goosebumps than any other movie of the last decade that hasn’t involved blood spatted across walls.

    4. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

    As if its weren’t enough that this movie brought the zombie genre back to popularity, it also, in my opinion, ought to be credited with making zombie movies frightening again. The deck was stacked against director Zack Snyder from the start. Nobody thought that the cult classic Dawn of the Dead needed remaking. But Snyder made all of the tired old zombie tricks new again, and the movie became one of my favorites.

    3. The Descent (2005)

    What can I say about The Descent? It’s easily one of the most claustrophobic movies ever made, which is, in and of itself, an accomplishment. It also has a way of making you realize just how dark the room is while you’re watching it at home. There’s no other movie that has ever made me quite so grateful for the light switch as this one.

    2. The Strangers (2008)

    Here’s where the critics and I part ways, because, despite poor critical reactions, The Strangers is one of my favorite horror movies. It’s the movie I ever saw in theaters that actually made people in the theater with me scream in shock. Despite the fact that audience know how the movie’s going to end right from the start, the caged sensation of its set and it’s slowly built suspense make it impossible not be scared spitless through the rest of the movie… or to sleep without triple checking that your doors are locked the night after first seeing it.

    Pontypool (2009)

    Pontypool doesn't offer much in the way of action, gore or violence but what it does offer is one of the most original takes on the zombie movie ever. Taking place in real time almost entirely in the confines of a radio booth tucked away in a church basement, this is a movie that more than utilizes its premise, it builds upon it. The plot is incredible (a zombie-like virus is infecting people in the small town of Pontypool through certain words in the English language, and a breakfast radio commentator strives to inform the public what’s happening, but is he himself the one spreading the virus? And how did this situation come about?) and the acting never faults. This is a movie with a lot more questions than answers, but I assure you, you will not mind one bit.

    Source(s): IMDb wikipedia
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    28 Days Later scares the crap outta me...still can't watch it again

    The Paranormal Activity movies-people just need to admit that those movies are genius and should go in a Hall of Fame or something.

    Dawn of the Dead is scary to me because we humans don't prevail. I hate it when that happens.

    Oh and for some weird reason The Fourth Kind scares the crap outta me. I think it's the documentary style of filming that gets me.

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