Who is the best world chess player?

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best world chess player
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Who is the best chess player?

I would have to say Vishy Anand. I like his style of play, he makes the game look so easy. His play is direct and he has a great approach to the game.

But then I saw the results of the recent Bilbao Masters tournament:


Vladimir Kramnik was the previous World Champion and considering his win in this event I think one has to at least be open to the possibility that he might be a contender for the next championship title.


When playing each other Anand has the better score -- but it is very close.

Gens Una Sumas

(Nulfinator on youtube)


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  • alec39 answered 4 years ago
    Magnus Carlsen is the best his problem is that he's too cocky and he's got some maturity and ego issues to work out but if he get past his growing pains and goes back to work on his game with Gary Kasparov or perhaps like Karpov too he'll be World Champion someday.

    He's got it all as far as talent and he's only 19 he shouldn't peak for about 7-10 years.
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  • JustMath answered 4 years ago
    Theoretically the standing World Champion is the best chess player (which is Indian Anand) but if you look at the rating, the highest rating is still Gary Kasparov, who retired 10 years ago. By rating, he is the best. The question has NO CONCRETE ANSWERS. We could make a list of the top ten, but they would beat each other in no predictable order...among the top 10 might be Carlson, Aronian, Kraminik, Topalov, Grischuk, Ivanchuck, Anand, Karjakin, Mamedyarov, and Ponomarov BUT NOT IN THIS NECESSARY ORDER.


    chess player
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  • MDG answered 4 years ago
    The top players, Carlsen, Anand, Aronian, Kramnik are all pretty close in strength. In terms of who is the best, one measure is simply "Who is the World Champion?" Currently, this is Anand, who wrested the title from the previous Champion Kramnik. Another measure is "Who is the highest rated player?" Currently, this is Carlsen at 2813 after his fine performance in Nanjing. Both measures have validity, depending on what you really mean by "best." A high rating may mean that Carlsen is currently best at decimating lesser players. A world championship title means that Anand is the best of the best, until someone proves otherwise by beating him in a title match.
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  • Keya answered 4 years ago
    Vishwanthan Anand... indian chess player :)
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  • civilization answered 4 years ago
    chessbus, first "who is the best" is a current form. Secondly, i would like to know exactly what records he has, just because he is first to beat the soviet union, doesn't make him the best player of all times.

    AS said above you will have to define "best." As the best rated and current word champ are 2 different people.
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  • chessbusiness answered 4 years ago
    Long story short,"Bobby Fischer".He still to this day holds chess records and such that no one has ever broken.


    Long time chess teacher
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