Are Stephen King's book hard to read for kids?

I'm 14, (TODAY!! Whoo!!.. Anyway) I'm in 8th grade and in honor (advanced) classes, I always have been, I am a pretty good reader, but are his books hard to understand? Are their huge words? I'm not to worried about being scared or the naughty parts. I just wanna know if I should wait so I can understand his books.

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    They're hard to read for anybody. Then again, I belong to a group that feels the only satisfying Steven King book is "On Writing," so take that as you will.

    I did like "The Colorado Kid," but mostly because it's a huge mindf---.

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    Not at all. I read Stephen King books when I was 8, and I understood perfectly. Just go for it; you'll never know until you try, right? They're not full of particularly hard to understand words. Read and see for yourself :)

    A good one to start with would be "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon", as the main character is 9, so it's definitely not too hard to understand, yet there's this whole supernatural, spooky element to it. Very good book :)

    Happy birthday btw :D

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