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How would you say these bro expressions in Hindi? You're the man, Thanks, etc.?

I'm living in New Delhi, India and I keep trying to relate some Indian people around me.

How would you say things like 'You're the man'?

Or like 'Thanks, man/dude.'

Or even 'What's up?"

Any other expressions you can think of would be sooooo appreciated. Thanks.

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    How long have u been living in Delhi? Most people there know English and will likely understand u if you say You're the man. Anyway... not sure there is a phrase for that but here's my 2 cents..

    for thanks, "thanks yaar" will do for familiar people, dhanyawad is more formal, shukriya may be understood by some

    Arrey, kaisey ho bhai - Heyy how're you bro

    Arrey is a very useful word and generally used in informal situations. Usually said in a bright tone.

    Not forgetting the ever useful Yaar - arrey kaisey ho yaar?. Yaar is used almost like "like" is used in English, only that "yaar" means "friend".

    Or if you don't know the person well, just kaisey ho will do.

    If the person is respectable, "Aap Kaise Hai?"

    Same thing except that in India there are different ways of addressing elder, respectable or unknown pple, and familiar people.

    I've heard "kya pak raha hai" - don't try to use it though unless u really know the person.. means "what's cooking" literally.

    Just be prepared to let you guard down. Pick up some hindi phrases. pple will open up if they see u as not wanting to seem superior (sorry to be so blunt).

    Just a side note, the whole bro thing has another name in India, it's called Tapori, as in a guy who's all cool like that is called a tapori, and the slang they use is also called tapori. Sorry to say but i'm not familiar with that slang so maybe u need to look that up..

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    Use this google translator, you can type in what you want to say, choose language, read it feneticaly ( cant spell sorry!) and listen to it! Simples! :)

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