Are trans women actually women?

I have a question. If a man becomes a woman through surgery, is he ACTUALLY a woman (and not by legal laws, i mean in the grand scheme are they really a woman). I ask this because people seem to say they are, but yet they can't naturally grow breasts, don't naturally have a feminine face or features, have an inverted penis, can't produce milk, can't get pregnant, and still have that adams apple.

So, basically, are they women or just mutilated men? (Note: If this question offends you, go somewhere else instead of pestering the viewers of this one about it.)


If they're "women" then why did they have to get a surgery to do so?

Update 2:

Also! I'd like to point out, i'm using tran short for Transvestite, like, was a full grown man who changed sexes. Sorry about that. That should clear everything up.

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    They should be, but for whatever reason not many go all the way.

    A full transsexual girl who feels it very strongly is a girl who has the brain development of a cisgender female. Scientifically, a region in the brain of a true transsexual girl will measure the same as that of genetic girls. There is a neuron count test too, Males and FTMs will have similar count there and Females and MTF will have the same range which is smaller in number than in males.

    Do you know what a full transition does on a person who really is a true girl at mind, heart, and soul?

    - Full psychological analysis.

    - Hormone Replacement Therapy. Getting into it young it not only changes the body inside out, it even affects the mind on how they feel things. It alters the skin, the natural fat distribution of the body, they develop real hips, real breasts that can even produce milk (its each individuals genetics), cease male pattern baldness, reduce muscles, for some shrink bone structures, affect voice, cessation of body hair growth, and cowper's gland are automatically converted into bartholin's gland. Literally they are filled with what genetic girls are. They are on hormones for life. Estrogen instead of Testosterone. There is nothing manly about estrogen.

    - Facial Feminization Surgery, all that testosterone poisons the face badly. For some HRT is enough to change the face, but others may require facial feminization to sort out the damage done over the years. Usually tracheal shave is done along with FFS procedures. Tracheal shave reduces the adams apple to normal female ranges. Note that for some HRT already helps a little.

    - Sexual Reassignment Surgery, better known as Sexual Confirmation Surgery. Its only confirming what he or she really is. HRT shrinks the organ greatly, making the tip a clitoris. Understand that its not a penis any more. Its an estrogenized donor tissue. A vagina and a penis is essentially the same thing. One develops outwardly at fetal development and the other inwardly. Remember that this one also has been fully estrogenized thanks to HRT. Inversion surgery simply fixes the outwardly development of the very same organ. Testicles are removed.

    - Voice therapy, for many true transsexual girls. They already sound female. For many practice is enough to get into the pitch, tone, and resonance of normal female range naturally until they eventually loose their male ranges completely. Others may have it hard if testosterone does a horrible job of making it deep and unmaskable. They may need surgery to make their voice higher and softer followed up with practice and coaching. A transsexual who feels strongly about this will not over look it, but many are unable to go with it because of health problems or fear of loosing their voice for good in a messed up surgery.

    Most true transsexuals cannot be clocked at all, they avoid trans groups and live stealthily as a normal girl would. They just had a birth defect but it has been fixed. Just like a normal girl who had hysterectomy. They are 100% female, just like those who had hysterectomies. However, because of the cost and other health reasons many don't get the full benefit of transition. Some are also so deeply into their previous life as males that old habits die hard. HRT also works best the younger you are. If you are young, you also get a better dosage that would benefit you best. The older you are the less effective any of this becomes as testosterone is a powerful poison for any MTF.

    Does all that answer your question? There is nothing trans about a true transsexual girl. Once they are done they graduated from their journey, they are purely female inside out. I just wish everyone went all the way like that.

    [Note]: Any young transsexuals reading this. Do not self medicate with the growing fear of aging, you could greatly damage your body or even die.

    Source(s): Me, months of research.
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      No!of course not.i could stick a big,pink horn to my head,insist im a unicorn and demand that everyone refer to me as a unicorn.Does not mean i actually am a unicorn though,does it?

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    They're not denying being human, I guess it's something you couldn't understand because you were born with the equipment that you like. Until you gain some empathy, I don't have a reasonable response as to why you should refer to a trans as woman if they are built like a man. Why does it bother you so, that people should like to be known one way or the other? It's not just a facade it's something that is so central to a person and it's called identity. How do you identify yourself? There are even cases of children, and toddlers feeling as if they were somehow a mistake because on the inside they feel like girl, they want to be addressed as a girl but they have boy parts. Dateline had a segment on these children, a four year old boy went so far as to attempt to cut off his penis because he was a girl, and he thought god made a mistake. Watch "Boys Don't Cry"...if nothing else you'll appreciate Hilary Swank for her freakishly good acting, and try to look up Dateline's segment on Transgendered's not something to take lightly, and most transgendered people are subjected to a lot of pain, and humilitiation. Why would they want that?

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    True science has proven the difference between male and female, but the concept of "man" and "woman" is a solely human trait. Humans are the only creatures on this planet that wear clothes, wear make up, jewelry, have a concept "this is what you're supposed to be because of..." But where is any of this written inn stone? And before you say the ten commandments I seem to recall "to thy own self be true". So if a person presents tthem self in a certain fashion then that's who they are. Are trans women true women? Yes. Are the females in the scientific child birthing scenes? No. Humans are a unique spies and every human is unique in themselves.

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    First off, trans women *DO* naturally grow breasts. If a trans woman transitions before puberty, she will have a feminine face. Her genitals, post-SRS, are essentially indistinguishable (even by close medical examination) from that of a woman with mullerian and gonadal agenesis (who most people wouldn't dare say aren't women). I'm essentially biologically the same as my mother, who had a hysterectomy and is post-menopausal (the only difference being that I don't have ovaries, while hers don't work any more). Trans women *can* produce milk; you just need to raise your prolactin levels. I've done it. The first trans woman to get pregnant will probably occur within the next ten years, at the rate uterus transplants are advancing. No, virtually no post-op trans woman has an adam's apple, due to tracheal shaves, and I never developed one in the first place.

    So, basically, you're wrong on everything.

    Let me repost something I wrote earlier.


    If I had a bowl full of cake mix and I baked it into a cake, I'm not going to sit there and insist that it's still cake mix because that's what it once was. It's a freaking cake.

    The issue is what IS, not what WAS. So the question is: what IS?

    First, at the cellular level: hormones are the way cells identify what they are and what they're supposed to do. If they see testosterone, they behave male. If they see estrogen, they behave female. As a consequence, there are profound changes in the body when the body is taught that it is a different sex. MTFs develop breasts and can even breastfeed. FTMs develop a deep voice, facial hair, and even a small penis. Both of their brains restructure to normal structure sizes for their new sex. All of the cells in their body are now carrying out the opposite blueprint for how to live.

    Of course, some of the blueprints the body knows how to follow are only one-way blueprints. That's where surgery comes in. All of our gendered body parts are homologues of each other; all fetuses have a common set of reproductive organs until week 8 of pregnancy. A single gene then either starts or doesn't start the virilization cascade. A penis is simply an overgrown clitoris. A scrotum is fused labia (men: see the darker line down the center, the perineal raphe? That's where your labia fused). And so on down the line. Surgery is the process of reversing these changes. The labia are reseparated. The glans is reduced back down. And so forth. The blood vessels are the same. The nerves are the same. They're the same. Back to the earlier analogy: it's a freaking cake.

    Now, there are some weaknesses (namely revolving around the need for grafts to deal with structuers that are too small -- the vagina in MTFs, the penis in FTMs, etc). One could argue that these particular structures are no longer homologues, and point to cases where no reasonable homologue can be created (the uterus, for example). But that's an incredibly slippery slope. For example, 1 in 5000 women are born with mullerian agenesis. That means they never developed fallopean tubes, a uterus, a cervix, or the upper vagina (these all form from the mullerian duct). They're just as infertile as a post-op MTF, still need their vagina reconstructed for normal penetrative sex, and often have *worse* surgical results in that regard. But nobody would ever think to say that they're not women.

    There are countless distortions on anatomic sex. One in 1:1000 XY people in the US has androgen insensitivity syndrome, despite the fact that they can be in-between genders or fully female (apart from infertility/hormone issues). A whopping 1:300 adult women have primary amenorrhea (never had a period, despite being of an age where they should) to one defect or another. About 1:50 women have some degree of labial fusion at birth. Several times that many have a missing (hidden) clitoris due to phimosis. Do we even need to get into the huge numbers who have above-normal levels of testosterone in their system, from all sorts of different causes (the most frequent being the ever-common PCOS, at 5-10% of the female population)?



    You wrote:

    "Also! I'd like to point out, i'm using tran short for Transvestite, like, was a full grown man who changed sexes."

    Sorry, but that's not what that word means. Transvestite is a medical (and offensive, btw) term for someone who cross-dresses but does *not* want to change sex. You're instead referring to transsexuals. Transsexualism is not limited by age, nor gender (there are female-to-male transsexuals, too).

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    "If a man becomes a woman through surgery, is he ACTUALLY a woman (and not by legal laws, i mean in the grand scheme are they really a woman)."

    Whether a person is a man or a woman is contingent upon their gender.

    A man cannot "become" a woman. Like sexual orientation, gender is innate and immutable. What you are born as, you are, forever, atleast until the technology to completely rewire the brain is developed.

    A transsexual woman is not a man who "becomes a woman through surgery". She is a woman who was born with an anatomical birth defect resulting in incorrect genitalia and secondary sex characteristics. Sexual reassignment surgery is performed to fix the anatomical error and correct the transsexual woman's body to match her gender. She was *always* a woman, from birth, regardless of the fact that she was born with male genitalia.

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    they are changed aren't they? i believe so. i believe they were women on the inside before their bodies matched. but that's just me.

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    we are women

    We have had a feminine brain development

    Besides not all women have those features you listed, and many me do ( and not just transgender ones either)

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    You cannot "become" a woman through surgery, but you can't "become" a woman by having natural breasts and a vagina either.

    Woman is an internal thing. Female is an external thing. Man is an internal thing. Male is an external thing.

    A woman who is born male can make her body female to match her internal womanhood.

    A man who is born female can make his body male to match his internal manhood.

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    9 years ago

    Technically no, but i believe even if he hasn't had a sex change and is a trans that he is a woman inside.

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