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How can we make Nepal the best tourist destination?

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    Nepal is well known for country of the Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world and a famous destination for adventure tourism. The world heritage Lumbini (birth place of Gautam Buddha) is also located in Nepal. Natural scenic landscape and biodiversity, high Himalayas, incomparable cultural heritage and other numerous peculiarities have made Nepal a well-known destination in the world tourism map with a distinct image (NTB, 2009). These qualities made Nepal a unique place giving high potentialities for the growth of tourism industry. So far, the pace of tourism industry development could not be considered promising from the perspective of economic development. Even if, this sector is contributing substantial share in foreign exchange receipts with unlimited potentiality. The new government policies have shown greater concerns about the real value of tourism and its role to contribute in economic growth and overall tourism development in the country. Furthermore, tourism industry is considered as a major element for poverty alleviation and social equity. The Nepal Tourism Vision 2020, has been issued from the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MOTCA) with the collaboration of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and concerned industries targeting to attract two millions of tourist by 2020(Source: Economic Survey, 2009. MOF,Nepal)

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    If we can make Kathmandu a transit point for the travelers it would definitely turned to be a best destination. Strikes, Band should be fully stopped and the city should remain clean. A night life is felt to be in scarcity and that should be taken highly into consideration. Nepal itself being a small country with various tastes for tourist no other things are to be done except the regular and minimal international requirements.

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    Firstly Nepal is lacking basic tourist infrastructure e.g airport even if 3 flights arrive at same time at Nepal's only international airport it become chaos at airport even widout trolley to carry ur lugg.. and at immigration and others so improve these kind of facilities first. before welcoming anyone u need to have something better than others to offer and now only natural beauties doesn't count bcoz tourist want to enjoy them but without other facilities around only limited numbers of adventurous tourist like mountaineers will come but not every one . Also country have to be politically stable. Treat tourist as our guest not someone from whom we can earn money bcoz if u see them as money making machine than tourist wont like to come again or even give ur reference . So develop infrastructure, urge them to visit us wid love and respect and facilitate them by every means possible.

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    basically there are two way to attract tourists easiest way is the bad way (hope u can understand), the good way is identifying the places which can be improve as tourists destinations , and get the attention attraction of international community, through foreign deplomats ,or through websits, implimenting attractive packages to tourists, and much more........... hositality of ur country is key among that....

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    Clean up the air in kathmandu. It's scary.

    And move it next to the ocean. ;)

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