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i had been USA for exchange student program 1 yr.

Now,i am confusing for picking the country to study next yr.(AUS or USA)

i do like the life style of USA and it is the good place to learn english ,but i know nobody in there and the exspense is quite exspensive for me.,my family just can affords 2 yr for me to study in community college of USA,.

and other hand,my boyfriend is studying AUS now,he is asking me to go there ,he can offers the place for me to stay n eat and that would help me to reduce the exspense.every things sounds good in here,but i dont think that would help me to learn eng as fast as USA.he and his fds r speaking cantonese all the time.btw,i think i can study til graduate univ there....

another big problem,i just got 5 point at ielts test.do i have to take ESL classes whereven i go?

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    The comments below address the USA part of your question. I have not been to Australia.

    Most US schools (including community colleges) require an English Aptitude Test for foreign students. This test determines whether you need ESL classes or your english ability is sufficient for regular classes. Based on the description in here, you have demonstrated good english skills. However your ability may not

    reach the college level english. That's why I suspect you may need some ESL


    If your goal is a 2-year degree (Associate degree or AA degree) and you need ESL classes, I believe a 2 year timeline will be difficult to achive mainly becuase the ESL classes normally do not count toward your regular credits for graduation. Also, most AA degrees job prospect are very narrow. Most AA degree students continue their education in a 4 year college to earn a Bachelor Degree.

    So, you have to ask yourself the following questions before taking any actions :

    1) What do you plan to do with a 2-yr college degree ?

    2) If you have to take ESL classes, can you financially afford 1 to 2 more semesters to compete all required classes for your AA degree.

    3) Is your English ability strong enough to start an all-english college level education ?

    Hope this helps...

    If you have further questions, you may email me at nywelcomeu@yahoo.com.

    I will try to address it promptly.

    Good luck to your decision.

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